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Get Ready to Wake ‘N Shake this Weekend!

Collegiettes, we are so ready for Wake ‘N Shake this weekend! To make sure everyone has the necessary deets for such an important event, we caught up with the Co-Chairs, Cat Draper and Anna Morten. Check out how they got started with Wake ‘N Shake and how they’ve helped the event grow! 

How did you first get involved with Wake ‘N Shake?

We both worked on hospitality for two years and ended up being co-chairs together. For hospitality, we were in charge of food; we went around to all the restaurants and supermarkets and tried to get food donated for 1,000 people (in order to feed the hungry dancers). Most of the food comes through donations but we also have a small budget that we can also use to buy food. We usually have Chipotle, Mellow Mushroom, Krispy Kreme and Bagel Station.

What is your role now as co-chairs?

As co-chairs, we’ve been in charge of organizing the whole event. Our job is to manage the 22 committee heads, who are in charge of their own committees. This year, we have revolutionized the way that we get donations. We have already raised $2,000 through MobileCause, which is a fundraising platform where you can text to donate. Each organization is going to be able to make its own funding page, which they can send it out to alumni and share it on social media. We also worked with 1834 Software Company; they created an app for WNS which has a schedule, champion bios, and uploads from Instagram. To have your Instagram uploaded onto the app, you can tag WNS and it will be reposted. It’s the 10th anniversary for WNS, and we’ve made the fundraising more interactive!


What is your favorite part about WNS?

The best part is the glow-sticks at the end of the event. There is a moment where the three co-chairs ask questions to the participants. For example, one of the questions is if you have personally fought cancer, please raise your glow stick. By the third or fourth question, everyone in the room has their glow sticks raised. It is very community-based. In addition, it is really cool to see people from all different organizations come together and unite for one cause. The Brian Piccolo Fund has really grown. So many students like to come and participate and in that moment (raising of the glow sticks), you can see how meaningful it is for everyone!

What has WNS achieved in the past? What are the WNS goals for this year?

The overall goal this year is to raise over $200,000. We would like to make $150,000 the day of the event. However, a lot of the money comes after the event as well. Last year, we raised $141,000 on the day of the event. We would like 14,000 people to dance this year, which is 1,000 more people than last year’s turnout. Registration re-opened on March 16, so everyone can go and register now!

What are some tips for those participating?

Get plenty of sleep the night before. Drink lots of water and load up on carbs — there will be food and drink, but bring your own water bottle if you’d like. Make sure to bring your Deacon Card with you, too!

WAKE ‘N SHAKE: Sat, March 21, 12pm – Sun, March 22, 12am. Reynolds Gymnasium. 

12-Hour and First Shift Dancers: 11:30 a.m. Check-In.

Second Shift Dancers: 5:30 p.m. Check-In.

Text WNS to 41444 to donate or download the WNS app on the iTunes app store.

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