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The Generation News: Written by Students for Students

“Have you ever started reading a news article but didn’t have the patience or time to finish? Generation News has you covered.”

This is the first thing you see on The Generation News’s About Us page.

Last summer, 19-year-old Cornell student Sarah Levine founded The Generation News, alongside Founding President Nicole Warszawski. The two created the online news platform to reinvent the way students digest current events. By simplifying and shortening long news stories, The GENEWS “provides busy students with fast, unbiased answers to their pressing world affairs questions,” run entirely by students, for students.

Different media sites have specific niches for different audiences: The Generation News publishes articles for Gen Z. From news articles on politics, social issues, the arts, and even a weekly market updates section, there is something for every reader. The site is run by over 50 weekly writers who provide content on everything you need to stay in tune with the news. Their newest addition to the article posts is why a certain news article is important to Gen Z. At the beginning of every article, the reader can find why an article is meaningful and impactful for them, an addition that further differentiates this platform from other news outlets. 

While speaking to Sarah Levine about why she started The Generation News, she explained that “with so much division in the media today, it is crucial to have a news outlet that provides unbiased information in which the reader can make their own inferences.” The voice of Generation Z is more crucial than ever with the upcoming election, in which so many generation news students will be voting for the first time. In addition to articles on groundbreaking world news, The GENEWS provides Gen Z with crucial information regarding voter registration and explanations on why it is so important to vote.

Be sure to checkout @thegenews on IG to stay up to date with the latest news and upcoming election information!


Margaret Rand

Wake Forest '23

Currently a sophomore at Wake Forest. NYC born and raised. Contemporary art lover, art history and journalism student.
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