Game of Thrones is Finally Here

So if you’re as crazy as me since the first episode has been released you have already rewatched it multiple times in order to fully absorb what could happen for the rest of the final season.  Here are some of my thoughts about the first episode of season 8 and my theories for the rest of the final chapter of the Game of Thrones.

Jon and Arya’s reunion was all I have ever needed.  


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It was absolutely perfect and the way she jumped into his arms for the hug perfectly paralleled their hug in Season 1.  I am so excited to see their relationship a bit more this season before everything goes downhill. I also loved that Arya defended Sansa because it shows their relationship growth as well.  Man I just love when Starks reunite and love each other.

Let’s talk about Gendry and Arya’s reunion.  


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I loved everything about this scene.  The way he stuttered over “you look good” like wow I got rom com feelings and let me tell you I was 100% okay with it.  I’m nervous about these two though, I feel like they might just give us what we want and then brutally kill Gendry in front of our eyes.  He’s too pure to survive. But leading into some of my theories for the ending, while I don’t think the Iron Throne will matter at the end, I do think it would be very poetic if Gendry were to end up on the throne because of the fact that the show started with a Baratheon and could end with one too.  

JON RODE A DRAGON (and no I’m not talking about Daenerys)


I mean we all knew that this wasn’t a theory that this was going to happen.  I just didn’t expect it to happen before he knew he was a Targaryen I thought it was going to be after.  But this scene was absolutely beautiful, not only the symbolic meaning behind it that he was able to ride the fire amidst the ice, embracing both sides of his identity but also the cinematography and scenery was impeccable.  This show never fails me in regards to taking my breath away, both in regards to plot as well as just scenery. But also the scene right after this with Daenerys also gave me rom com vibes and I was here for it and that dragon stare wow humor at its best form.  

Someone needs to stop Bran.


I’m sorry I wish Bran had died in that fall in episode 1.  I understand that without him we wouldn’t know the things that we know (Jon, Targaryen etc.) BUT he is the most obnoxious robot of a character I’ve ever met.  I mean he isn’t even human anymore and I just need someone to put me out of my misery and get rid of him. If he survives this I am going to be salty because he does not deserve it in my opinion.  I also hate that he said that Jon wasn’t his brother and that he didn’t want to be the one to tell him the truth, I just think he’s such a cowardly useless character that does nothing but creepishly stare at people and make them uncomfortable.  

Jon Knows Something


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I knew that Jon was going to find out this episode and I knew that he was going to find out in the crypts with his real mother’s statue and Ned Stark’s statue.  I was so ready for it but when it happened my heart broke. Having Sam tell him was good because he trusts Sam and because Sam has been with him since the very beginning.  But I cannot imagine what Jon is going through, the look on his face as he attempts to process all that this means and when he said “my father lied to me all my life” it just broke my heart.  Also his name I refuse to ever call him Aegon Targaryen because it is a terrible name and he will always be Jon Snow and he will always be a Stark. But this scene made me so nervous for so many reasons because I’m scared of who Jon is going to tell. I’m scared that the northern lords will not be happy that he isn’t actually Ned Stark’s son.   I really don’t want Daenerys to know because my theory is that she is going to turn full Mad Queen this season because of her power hungry inability to see past burning people that don’t agree with her. I know that a lot of people love Daenerys, but I have to disagree and I think that the second she things Jon is a threat she would want to get rid of him.  But I also think that Dany is pregnant with Jon’s son and Jon is going to have to kill her at some point because both of them can’t be alive because one of them is the “prince that was promised” and one isn’t.

Can we talk about the Umber kid dying and the creepy symbol?

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I know that we have seen that symbol used by the walkers before in past seasons, but this time in particular, especially when it caught on fire, it looked eerily like the Targaryen sigil.  I don’t really have any theories on this and it might just be a coincidence but it gave me the chills. I also still don’t understand the White Walkers, clearly they are more than zombies because they seem to have a higher level of intelligence but then again they don’t really have any purpose other than killing everyone so they can join the army of the dead, but then what? I have a lot of questions for the Night King.  

Other Theories:

Jaime has to kill Cersei or Arya uses his face after he dies to kill Cersei.  

If Bronn really does try to kill the Lannister brothers, and Podrick jumps in front of Tyrion to serve him one last time.  (I really don’t want this to happen but Podrick is so loyal and precious that he would do this)

I’m not sure what is going to exactly happen but I’m pretty sure the throne won’t matter.  But I can see everyone being dead and Cersei still going back to sit on the throne amidst all the dead.  I hope this doesn’t happen because I need her to die, but she’s psychotic enough to literally not care if everyone is dead so long as she has the power.  She’s very similar to the Night King in that way.

Jon Snow will have to kill Daenerys because of the prophecy or because she goes mad.  

Daenerys is pregnant with Jon’s child.