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Freshmen Problems: An Ode to Freshman Year

Wait, I don’t remember giving my permission for freshman year to be over! I just had move-in day, like, yesterday: I was listening to Bruno Mars on repeat while organizing the room that was going to be my home for the next eight months, while having the first of many roomie chats with my roommate. It must have been the other Saturday when I spontaneously tried out for the cheerleading team and, although I didn’t make it, I met my best friends out that night. It feels like I just went to the football tailgate that Thursday night we played Clemson. And wasn’t it just yesterday when I curled my hair for my rock star Halloween costume? … Until it deflated in the pouring rain … of course. It feels like the other day I went to my first Dixie Classic Fair and tried some classically untraditional deep fried food. And wasn’t I just studying for my biology final exam and complaining about how I didn’t want to see the word “phosphorylation” ever again in my life? It feels like the other day when I was sitting in Benson 401, ripping open my Bid Day card and excitedly joining the sisterhood I would call home for the next three and a half years of college.  It was just yesterday, wasn’t it?  When I decorated my chucks? Cheered on my Demon Deacons against Carolina? Experienced my first ever Carolina Cup!? And Airbands!!? Formal!!!? Turned into a southern belle!!!!?

I feel like I have lived a lifetime in these past eight months. I am surprised with how much I could fit into a 24 hour day at Wake, and how much I could pack into one year. Even though my biological family lives in Chicago, I have made so many friends here that I consider family. South Hall is my home. I have learned so much about myself – about life, people, cultures, backgrounds, and lifestyles – all while riding through the peaks and valleys of this roller coaster ride we call freshman year.

Truth be told: I don’t want to leave Wake for Three. Whole. Months. But let’s be real – I don’t think I would ever be ready. I have grown so close to so many people and am used to seeing them daily. Impromptu pit sits or walks through the Reynolda Gardens are truly one of a kind.

In the past eight months, I’ve had more life experiences than I can count. I’ve learned more about myself than I could ever imagine. I’ve grown more independent and confident in myself, gotten out of my comfort zone, put myself into the face of failure, and jumped over the hurdles of adversity. I am leaving freshman year a different person than when I arrived. I like who I have become, and I like where I am heading. I have that butterfly feeling in my stomach when I think about sophomore year and how I am going to conquer it – with faith, positivity, and friends. Sophomore year has the potential to make me just as happy as my freshman year did – if not more.

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But don’t you fret! I’m not going anywhere; I will pass the torch of Freshmen Problems to some new blood. As for me … stay tuned as I write the blog “Soph Strugs” in the fall. Good luck with finals, collegiettes! Don’t forget to wear sunscreen. And I’ll see you when football season starts.

After all, the summer is bound to fly by!



Freshman (soon to be sophomore) X


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