Four Weddings and a Funeral Review

The new Hulu special, “Four Weddings and a Funeral,” written by Mindy Kaling is not a

remake of the original rom com. The ten episode show revolves around a group of American

friends from college who all happen to be living in London. Their journey to navigate love and

careers is set against the recurring theme of the strength of their friendship. From the moment the

first episode begins, the central conflict is established when Maya, who has just arrived in

London, has an instant connection with Kash, who turns out to be her best friend, Ainsley’s,

boyfriend, and later fiancee. Through trying to at first ignore and then acknowledge their feelings

for each other, Maya and Kash stir up drama and create divisions in the friend group. Set against

the backdrop of beautiful London scenes, with the friends frequently hanging out in their

aesthetically pleasing homes, the show celebrates the endurance of friendships over time and

distance. Kaling, who started her career as a writer for “The Office” and also created “The

Mindy Project,” tackles a bit more serious relationship plot lines, but keeps it comedically light

and funny.


“Four Weddings and a Funeral” appeals to many viewers because of the diversity of the

cast. In a changing Hollywood landscape, it has become increasingly important to incorporate

characters of different backgrounds, and “Four Weddings and a Funeral” does this well. Instead

of just one or two token supporting characters representing diversity, each storyline feels fully

developed, regardless of the character’s race. Kash, for example, comes from a traditional

Muslim family, which ends up being a central plot line. Representation matters, and “Four

Weddings and a Funeral” allows people to see themselves reflected in the characters. Overall,

“Four Weddings and a Funeral” is definitely worth watching. It ultimately feels like a rom com

with a little more substance than the basic, formulaic type we are used to seeing.