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Foodie: Starbucks Hacks

As the last few tests of the semester quickly approach, and study time becomes crunch time, getting coffee (sometimes even twice a day) becomes a part of your daily routine that doesn’t fade until well after you head back home for the Holidays. Although coffee works wonders, this rediscovered addiction rapidly adds up quite a tab. Though food dollars may be in abundance now, come December, you will surely be begging your parents to contribute to your coffee fund. As a self-proclaimed coffee lover, I’ve come up with a few ways to work the system and get more fuel for my buck.

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Is your favorite drink an iced latte?

1) Order a double shot espresso poured over ice and add your own milk.

A grande iced vanilla latte costs $4.15, but this new concoction is only $1.95. A double shot espresso (the pros call it a ‘doppio’) ordered in a grande cup leaves plenty of room to add your own milk. Have you ever noticed all that free milk on the table with the straws? Use it to your advantage! And if you can’t go without your beloved iced vanilla latte, just ask for 4 pumps of vanilla (or any other flavoring), which cost only 50 cents. (Hint: tall – 3 pumps syrup, grande – 4, and venti – 5).

What about a chai tea latte?

2) Order a hot chai tea with 2 pumps sweetener and steamed milk.

A normal grande chai tea latte is $3.95 but this one will only be $2.65 Chai tea lattes are usually much sweeter than plain chai tea, so I always ask for a little bit of sweetener for that added taste. Also, most baristas won’t charge you extra for the steamed milk, but if they do, just ask for a chai tea with 2 pumps sweetener and pour in your own milk!

Iced tea fan?

3) Order an iced tea with no water added.

This tip doesn’t help you save, but it does give you more for your money. Starbucks brews their teas double strength, and then they add water when they pour it into your cup. Simply ask for no water, and it becomes much stronger. The ice alone will water it down enough.

Bonus tip for healthy drinking: One pump of flavoring is 20 calories — that’s 80 calories in a grande for the flavoring alone! So, ask for half the amount of pumps and save yourself 40 calories without drastically changing the taste.

Also, don’t forget to snag the free coffee in the pit! Good luck this year deacs, and happy eating!

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