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Foodie: The Best Breakfast Spots in Winston-Salem

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!…My alarm clock shrieks. I roll over and see it’s 10:30 AM on a Saturday morning. I close my eyes to go back to sleep, but my stomach growls…

I grab my phone and see a message from my friend, “Let’s grab breakfast! Where do you want to eat?” Oh, those lovely words! My stomach sings. I begin to text back when a wave of indecisiveness takes over. Where DO I want to eat?!?

If you’re like me, deciding where to eat can be a NIGHTMARE. Do I want campus food? Do I want to go off campus? Do I want pancakes? An omelet?

Ladies, kiss indecisiveness goodbye with this official guide for navigating breakfast in Winston-Salem.


Midtown Café: Best Pancakes

If you haven’t already been to Midtown Café, you are really missing out. I could honestly eat their pancakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! But, don’t be discouraged by the long line, because it’s always worth it! AND the average wait time is only 15 minutes, no matter how packed it is.

They have a huge variety of pancakes, including strawberry, banana crunch, and even sweet potato. P.S. The banana crunch pancakes are, by far, the fan favorite.

If you can’t decide between eggs or pancakes, try one of their delicious omelets! Every egg order comes with three delicious buttermilk pancakes on the side. Two in one! If you have a sweet tooth, make sure to show your Wake ID at checkout to get a free cookie!


Willow’s Bistro: Best Brunch

Many have heard of Willow’s delicious dinner choices, but they serve up an amazing gourmet breakfast too! It’s a fan favorite for the foodie in everyone because they use locally grown and organic ingredients to give a true farm-to-fork experience. WARNING: This morning deliciousness is only served Sunday’s from 10:30AM-3PM.

Willow’s has unique options for the gourmet lover, including Bananas Foster French Toast, Strawberry Crêpes, Goat Cheese Grits, and Willow’s Organic Fried Chicken and Waffles. I’d recommend the Strawberry Crêpes… they are to die for!

They also have more common breakfast options for the breakfast traditionalist and even tasty lunch options available for breakfast haters. Unfortunately, we all know “that guy”… *sighs*

Don’t forget to call ahead and reserve a spot!


Mama Zoē Michael’s: Best Bang for Your Buck

Mama Zoē’s never fails to disappoint.  Really, the name just says it all. As soon as you walk in, memories of your favorite hometown diner or your own mama’s homemade breakfasts flood your mind.

It’s a casual atmosphere with good food and friendly staff. It’s everything a diner needs. If you’re a southern gal, you won’t be disappointed with their chicken and waffles! I’m personally a huge fan of Greek food, and they have A LOT of delicious Greek options. My choice is the Gyro, Tomato and Feta Omelet.

Another amazing feature of Mama Zoē’s is the price. It’s HUGE portions of DELICIOUS food for hella CHEAP! On top of the already bargain prices, they offer an additional 10% discount when you present your WFU ID at checkout. What’s not to love!?


Mary’s Gourmet Diner: Best Benedicts

*Photo courtesy of Ciara Appelbaum

If you love benedicts, look no further than Mary’s Gourmet Diner (formally Breakfast of Course). They have a whole menu page dedicated to making your own custom benedicts! Pictured above is my very own scrumptious benedict creation! Also, try the Benedict Mendoza, which is a southern twist on the usual benedict but over a bowl of stone-ground grits. If you want something sweet, try their French toast – it’s a must have!

Like Willow’s, Mary’s uses organic and local ingredients to make breakfast truly POP! The only downside is the price; it’s tough not to spend at least 15 bucks. HOWEVER, everything is incredibly fresh and delicious. They also have great vegetarian and gluten free options.

WARNING: Don’t go to Mary’s for a quick bite. There is always an extensive line meandering down the street. But don’t fret! It’s always worth it! 


The Pit: Best Place to Beat Your Hangover

*Photo courtesy of pitstagram_wfu

We’ve all been there folks… Sometimes nothing tastes better on a Saturday morning than plunging out of bed and going to the Pit.

I know what you’re thinking… it’s the Pit, ICK! But, hear me out: It’s fast, convenient, and familiar. Plus, it’s already been paid for! You have lots of food options and an unlimited amount of drinks – highly crucial after a night out.

No matter what shames last night brought, eat it off at the Pit. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s swipe it up, ladies!


Now you know my breakfast favorites. Please comment and share yours! Remember to choose where to eat with confidence!

Senior at Wake Forest University
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