Five Things to Do Over Thanksgiving Break

Go out to brunch with your family. There is nothing better than sleeping in and going out to a delicious breakfast with the people you love! Try leaving your phone at home so that you are not distracted by social media or other people who are not there. Be present! You would be surprised how much more meaningful these experiences can be when you are not on your phone.

Go on a hike! Get out into nature and see (probably for the last time of the season) the beautiful trees changing colors! Grab your family and friends (and dogs) and head out for a few hours to reconnect and ground yourself.

Bake a homemade pie with friends from home. We all know the best thing about Thanksgiving is the pie and what better way to get the festivities going than to bake a delicious pie with the people you love! Here are a few recipes!

Go hard on Black Friday and even harder on cyber Monday. Make a list of things you might need in advance! Take advantage of the sales and deals and snag some great pieces! Sign up for UNiDAYS with your Wake Forest email to receive some awesome promotions and student discounts (they’re insane on cyber Monday!)

Do a big Self Care Sunday before heading back to school. Get a manicure and pedicure, draw a bath (with a bomb, of course), do a face and hair mask, exfoliate and moisturize, put on your favorite Pjs and fuzzy socks, make your favorite tea, and snuggle up with your favorite book or movie! Here are some great face masks to try out!