Fenty Puma Collection Highlights

Here are four items I’m really excited about in the new iteration of the Fenty x Puma collaboration:  

1. The Chelsea Sneaker Boot ($220) 

Half moon man shoe, half fashion statement; I’m really into these boots because of the platform heel and the new take on the classy Fenty creeper. These boots come in three colors: black, white and blue with a green platform.

2. The Furry Slides ($90)

Even though furry slides have been “in” for all of 2017, I’m loving this iteration of them because they come in pastel colors, instead of jewel tones. Even though they tend to run large, they’re so comfy and cute! These slides come in three colors: lilac, “puma silver” (a baby blue mixed with silver) and seafoam.

3. The Long Sleeved Cropped Sweater ($125)

This is athleisure at its best. The loose neck ribbed sweater redefines the classic idea of the turtleneck, but in a way that its original elegance is maintained. This sweater comes in three colors: maroon, yellow and blue.

4. The Asymmetrical Jersey Dress ($160)

This is such a unique item. Every sports brand has some kind of dress--be it a polo dress, or a sweatshirt dress--but I’ve never seen one with an asymmetrical hem. Rihanna is truly pushing fashion and athleisure standards with this design. The dress comes in two colors: green and blue.