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Fashion in the Forest: Carolina Cup

This weekend, one of biggest gatherings for preppy collegiettes is upon us: the infamous Carolina Cup. While it may seem simple to put together an outfit, a lot of thought actually has to go into planning it. You will most likely be sitting on a bus for hours of the day, be really hot once you’re outside, and because it takes place on a field, it’s bound to be muddy. Here are my tips on how to put together the perfect Carolina Cup outfit!


1. Comfort

Being comfortable is probably one of the most important things for an outdoor event. Unlike tailgating, you will be spending the entire day outside, and since this event only lasts for a day, many hours will also be spent on a bus. Unfortunately, most preppy (i.e. Lilly Pulitzer) dresses are made from restricting fabrics and tend to be fitted to your body.  Try to avoid a shift dress, because while they are adorable, you will want to rip it off by the end of the day. Look for lighter fabrics to stay cool, and a looser dress will also be a lot easier to sit on a bus in. This Lilly Pulitzer dress is adorable, and the flowy skirt will be comfortable for the bus and will allow you to stay cool in the heat.


2. Mud

As much as we all want to wear wedges with our dresses, the muddy field will probably make that impossible. Try to wear darker colored sandals, or an older pair that you won’t mind getting dirty. Nothing is worse than ruining a pair of shoes for one event! If it rains the night before, many girls opt for colorful rain boots. While rain boots are not necessarily the most fashion-forward choice, you will avoid ruining your shoes and covering your feet in mud. Plus, your shoes probably won’t be showing in most pictures, so when you look back you won’t even remember that you wore rain boots. But, you will remember having to replace your Jack Rogers! 


3. Heat

Speaking as someone subjected to fair skin, I have learned the hard way that spending all day in the sun will inevitably leave you sweating and sunburned.  One of the worst places to get sunburned is your part (trust me, if it peels, it’s not cute). Covering your hair with a sunhat is not only cute but actually helps protect your part and your face from getting too much sun. I love this sunhat because it’s simple and will match any dress, while still adding a bit of fun prep to your outfit. If you wear a dress that doesn’t cover your shoulders, I would highly recommend putting sunscreen on your shoulders throughout the day to avoid burning or weird tan lines. Also, don’t forget sunglasses! Sunglasses, like sunhats, are a fun and functional accessory. The final step in battling the heat is to stay hydrated. The sun is very dehydrating, so make sure to drink water throughout the day.

Follow these tips and you’re sure to have a great time at the Cup, without having any annoying wardrobe malfunctions!

Hey collegiettes! I'm Arianna and I am a freshman at Wake Forest University. I love all things preppy, but also like to incorporate trends into my wardrobe. I plan to major in communications and possibly minor in French. I can't wait to begin my Her Campus career and hope you enjoy my blog posts!
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