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Fall in Love with Red


We are in the midst of fall and even though we all love Thanksgiving, Christmas is approaching quickly and I for one am very excited about it! Holiday season is a great time for embracing warm colors while transitioning into winter clothes. So for all you collegiettes out there we have one word for you … red! Red is not only the perfect color for fall but is it not the first color you think of when someone says Christmas?! So this year embrace all of the shades of this versatile color and fall in love with red.

If you are thinking, “Well what if red doesn’t look good on me?” Don’t worry. There are a million different ways to incorporate this color, big and small, into your outfit. At the moment, I am loving cranberry and the darker, more subdued shades of red. Essie just came out with a color called “Very Cranberry” and it is the only color that will be on my nails until spring comes around. But if you are loving cranberry as much as I am right now and want more than just a pop of color on your nails go for it in more wintery fabrics, like this tweed dress from J.Crew. Throw it on with some tights and boots for class for heels and statement earrings for a nice dinner!

Another great shade for the transition between fall and winter is maroon. If it is good enough for Adam Levine’s band then it is certainly good enough for me! Colored jeans have been on trend for months and they’re not going anywhere. So these skinny jeans from Urban Outfitters are perfect to wear all season long. Don’t want as much maroon in your outfit? Try just a touch of it in these fabulous earrings from J.Crew. Pair them with a simple black dress for an outfit that will work from now until the holiday season is over.


Are you thinking that these shades of red are not festive enough for Christmas? Cherry red is what you collegiettes need. It can be an overwhelming couple for some so you can start small with cherry colored lipstick, like the one below from Urban Outfitters. Or if you are in the holiday spirit and ready to fully embrace it. Do it with this jacked from J.Crew.

No matter what shade you pick, just wear it with confidence and with the Christmas spirit in mind. All of you can pull off red in some shade in one way or another. So take our advice and fall in love with red this season!

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