Everyday Life of a Banshee

            One of Wake Forest’s most beloved groups on campus is the student-run comedy troupe, the Lilting Banshees. The Banshees perform three shows each year that are made up of multiple sketches that tackle a variety of subjects, ranging from critics on Greek life to some political humor. Acting as one of the most exclusive and popular groups at Wake, only few people are bestowed the honor of being a Banshee.

            So, this begs the questions- what is it like to be a member of one of Wake’s most talked-about groups on campus? Mariana Trabanino, a sophomore from Miami, Florida, reveals to Her Campus a little bit about what it is really like to be a Banshee.


Her Campus: What does a usual day look like for you?


Mariana Trabanino: Well, I wake up and then I usually snooze my alarm. Just kidding. But on a busy day, which are usually Mondays, I go to class with little breaks in-between, do some homework and then I have all of my extra activities at night-time. I have chapter at 7PM, then Banshees rehearsal at 7:30PM, and then I meet my discussion group for my Social and Political Philosophy Class at 9PM.


HC: Do you ever get overwhelmed?


MT: Sure. I get stressed out a lot, I’m a type of person who is easily overwhelmed and tend to fixate on things that are not that important.


HC: So how do you manage?


MT: I have people in my life who are my main motivators. My sister Clarissa, my mom, and my boyfriend Juan all help me out in different ways.


HC: In which ways?


MT: My sister has already been through the college process, and she’d also break down sometimes and get stressed out. She reminds me to prioritize my life and that I will get through everything.


HC: And your mom?


MT: My mom has just sacrificed so much for me to be here. I am a first-generation college student and my parents both came from Guatemala. They have worked so hard for me to be where I am today, that thinking of that just makes me keep going.


HC: So, what other groups on Campus are you apart of?


MT: I am a member of Kappa Beta Gamma sorority, a member of Alpha Kappa Psi (the business fraternity), the Banshees, and the Boxing club.


HC: Is the Banshees the most time-consuming?


MT: For sure.


HC: Even though you have this busy schedule, you seem to enjoy your involvement in these groups. What do you think the best part about being a Banshee is?


MT: It has to be the people I have gotten to know, that I wouldn’t have encountered otherwise. Wake can be really cliquey sometimes and we all of come from different cliques. So, the fact that we have our own lives and then come together to write sketches on like different things is just like awesome.