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Eric and Brendan Wood (’16)

Seeing double? Maybe triple if you remember last spring’s Campus Cutie, Andrew Wood! These gentlemen do everything together: from sports, ROTC, and taking the same classes. Meet Campus Cutie’s first set of twins, Eric and Brendan Wood.

Names: Eric and Brendan Wood
Hometown: Summit, New Jersey
Majors: potential business
Relationship Statuses: both single!

HC (Her Campus): How do people normally tell you two apart?
EW (Eric Wood): When people first meet us, they look at the physical attributes; like, Brendan has a birthmark. They can also tell by our hair difference. But once they know our personalities, then that’s how they tell.

HC: Do your friends confuse you two a lot?
EW: People either get the hang of it right away or they don’t at all. Like my grandparents…

HC: Wait, your grandparents?
EW: Only one of them can tell us apart out of the four!

HC: Have you two always planned on going to school together, or did it just work out that way?
BW (Brendan Wood): We both applied to four schools each, all of them the same.
EW: And with ROTC, we both got scholarships. So, it worked out.

HC: And I also know that your older brother goes to Wake too, did that have anything to do with your decision to come here?
EW: It probably would have affected our decision if he didn’t go here; we never visited [Wake] until Andrew came. I instantly loved this school though.
HC: So you do ROTC at Wake, is it something you both have always wanted to do?
EW: I’ve always wanted to do it. When I was little, I was really into that stuff. In 7th grade, that’s when it became more of a reality that I could actually do it.

HC: What other things do you two do besides ROTC?
EW: I played baseball and football in high school.
BW: I was quarterback and Eric was wide receiver.
EW: He would throw me the ball, we had a good connection.

HC: So, if you didn’t do ROTC, would you try being an athlete?
EW: Yea, I’d probably try to walk on the baseball or football team, ‘cause Wake actually takes lots of walk-ons. But if you walk-on, there’s a good chance you don’t get playtime.

HC: What else do you do on campus?
BW: Flag football.
EW: I want to do intramural basketball.

HC: Is there anything you don’t do together?
BW: Uhmm…(silent for a while).
EW: So far, every night we have started off together but then we just lose each other.
BW: I’ve only been with you the first night, Eric!
EW: We basically do everything together. We have been best friends for forever.

HC: Are you taking the same classes as well?
EW: I’m definitely interested in the business school, maybe mathematical business. We’re in a lot of the same classes though; we have the same Econ class and English class. In high school we would have every class together! I’m surrounded by him in school aside from home.

HC: Do you have any hidden talents?
BW: Do I have one, Eric?
EW: Uhmm…
BW: I can throw a football abnormally far, if that counts?
EW: I can do a handstand pushup upside down.
HC: What!?
EW: Against a wall though!
HC: Who is your celebrity crush?
EW: No doubt Victoria Justice. I’ve occasionally watched Victorious. Not a full episode, but definitely five minutes just to see her! If you want to get me a good gift, get me a poster of her to hang in my dorm.
BW: I would say Jennifer Aniston!
EW: She’s a little old, Brendan.

HC: What are you looking forward to most this year?
BW: Sporting events. (While chewing Pit food).
EW: Can you swallow before you talk, Brendan? Rushing a frat. I’m also really getting excited for the lab we have for ROTC.

HC: Any twin telepathy?
BW: No.
EW: That’s a common misconception.

HC: Your life motto is:
BW: Go through life without any regrets.
EW: Carpe Diem.

*Photography by Lauren Lukacsko

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