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Senioritis. Spring fever. Burnt out.

You name it, and I will self-diagnose myself with it.

I never felt senioritis this school year until last week. For my last article, I was all about living in the moment. #YOSO (You Only Senior Once). I found out the other day that I passed my final two licensure exams for education! WOOHOO! Shout out to all my friends who supported me with my studying and had patience with me when I couldn’t hang out! In order to be a teacher in any state, you not only have to have a college degree, but you also have to pass three exams which range from testing you on high school mathematics, to teaching kids how to read. Whew! Boy am I glad I passed all three exams on my first try!

I think I used up all my stamina when I studied for, and took, these exams last month. Now that I know I passed them, I feel like I’m done. I can’t seem to motivate myself to do any work whether it be a research project or easy textbook reading. I even calculated the lowest grades I can get in each class in order to keep my GPA where I want it!

To be clear: I do enjoy my classes. I just want to have the freedom to participate in fun social things while I can and hang out with my friends rather than do homework and go to meetings. Plus, the warmer weather seems like it’s practically begging me to go lounge outside and soak up some rays.

That being said, if anyone has any suggestions on how to stay motivated and push through senioritis, feel free to drop some words of wisdom in the comment box below.

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