$EN!OR Strugs: Pre-Graduation To Do List

Let the countdown begin. There is one month until we don our cap and gowns and close the chapter on our collegiate years. It may not feel like our time at Wake is really ending, but graduation will be here before we know it. Be proactive and make sure everything is completed before commencement so nothing stops you from walking across that stage!

1. Turn in your Thinkpad

Unless you want to buy it out, make sure you return it to the Bridge in ZSR before graduation. I know I never used mine—and thought I lost it for about two years—so make sure to return both your laptop and the charger. If there are documents you want to keep, download them to a flash drive or put them in your Google drive that isn’t associate with your Wake email.

2. Make an Alumni email

Email [email protected] to create an alumni email because our Wake emails will be deleted 60 days after graduation. Regardless, if there are emails you want to keep, make sure you forward them to a different account.

3. Return textbooks

Bring them back to the bookstore or ship them back to Amazon. You don’t want to pay the exorbitant return fee and I promise, you won’t be reading them after finals.

4. Apply for interim housing

Anyone planning to stay in their dorm rooms until graduation needs to apply for interim housing through Resident Life and Housing. You won’t be charged, but the school needs to know who is living where.

5. Check your DEAC account (where you pay tuition)

Make sure to pay all your fees, including student health visits and library fines.

6. Pass down sorority and fraternity spirit wear

That awesome ~little~ martini glass your big gave you three years ago? Pass it down. As much as you like it, your lineage will get much more use out of it. Go through all your t-shirts and canvases and think about the pieces you can live without. Then, think about pairing the items you want to give away with a heartfelt note telling your lineage how much they mean to you.