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$EN!0R Strugs: The Weird Blessing in Disguise During Senior Year

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wake Forest chapter.

I’m back! Did you miss me?

Who am I? Three years ago, I wrote the blog “Freshmen Problems” and a few “Soph Strugs” articles. Have you figured out who I am yet? No? Good!

Wow. Senior year is finally here. And almost over. There’s only about half a semester left of my last semester. It’s weird. Bittersweet. It’s a blur of being excited for the next chapter of our lives, but also don’t make me graduate! At this point in the school year, many seniors know what they are doing next year: moving to a fabulous new city for an exciting job or getting accepted into grad school.

Me? I have neither right now. I’m planning on getting a job after graduation, but since I’m an Elementary Education major and want to be a teacher (shout out to my fifth graders!), schools don’t hire until this school year is over. So, I most likely won’t be hired until sometime over the summer.

It’s kind of scary. Sometimes I feel like I’m behind everyone else. Everyone seems to know where they are moving to and when their new job starts and I’m one of the few floundering who doesn’t have anything lined up—yet.  

This has been a blessing in disguise though. Since I don’t know what is next, I feel more connected to the present. My priority is being a Wake student because I know the now and not the future. I’m able to enjoy my classes since this is my last round of being a student before I become a teacher. I’m excited about all the events coming up this semester, from my last Wake N’ Shake to Senior Sendoff. I feel like I’m truly living in the moment and making the most of my last bit of time at Mother So Dear.

So, congrats to the people who know what they are doing after graduation! I’ll hopefully be hired too within the next few months. But for now, let’s soak up everything we can in our final weeks here.

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