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Elizabeth Garrett Brings the Fun . . . And Bends the Rules

Recent graduate Elizabeth Garrett has certainly left her mark on Wake Forest through her hard work and dedication to Student Union. While she admits there may have been some ‘rule bending’ involved, Garrett tried her best to provide a more fun, inclusive environment at Wake. She served as the Student Union president and played a large role in making the Sara Bareilles concert a reality and developing the SU film series.

HC: What were you involved with at Wake?
Elizabeth Garrett (EG): I was the Student Union President for the 2010-2011 year, a member of the Traditions Council, SAF (Student Activities Fee) committee, and Senior Celebrations Committee. I also was an executive member of The QUAD.

HC: What is the most interesting thing about yourself? 
EG: (laughing) I really love tattoos. Most people wouldn’t guess that. 

HC: What was your favorite SU event that you helped put on as president?
EG: The Sara Bareilles concert, hands down. While I love all of SU’s events, there’s just something about the energy and excitement of a concert that you can’t beat. Sara is one of my favorite artists, and her show did not disappoint. We had fantastic student attendance, and everyone seemed to love it! It was truly the best way to end my senior year and my time with Student Union.   


HC: What role do you think Student Union plays on campus?
EG: I think Student Union is responsible for providing the fun on campus. I don’t know if people realize just how much we do, but if you took Student Union out of the equation, there’d be a gaping hole in Wake’s social calendar.

HC: Where do you see yourself in ten years?
EG: In ten years, I’ll hopefully have a successful career and be starting a family (wow that’s an odd thought).

HC: Now that you have graduated, what do you feel you left behind as ‘your mark’ on campus?
EG: I hope that my experience at Wake Forest shows that it’s okay to bend the rules a little in regards to the accepted social system we have on campus. As a freshman, I decided not to rush, and not being in a sorority was something that I struggled with socially for a while. But then I found my niche in Student Union, and I was able to give back in form of my time and creative energy to a school that I soon grew to love. I like to think I became a well-respected student leader, and I hope that my legacy at Wake will be one that inspires other students to pursue what they’re passionate about. In doing so, they can rewrite the rules on what’s “cool” and what’s not and make a valuable impact on our campus.

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