Eight Things It Is A-Ok to Experience in College

Every college student goes through so many ups and downs, and sometimes it can feel like these obstacles we have to overcome are only being experienced by us. This is not true, however, and it is important that it is okay to go through these things and to know that everyone is feeling these feelings too.

1. It’s okay to get a bad grade on a test

So, we all know that moment where you get a test back, flip it over expecting to see one number but are instead faced with a number that causes your stomach to drop two stories and your heart to make its way into your throat. But, so many people go through this and get through this hard reality, you got it and you will come out the other side.

2. It’s okay to feel like everyone is finding their people faster than you

As a freshman, I know the feeling of wanting to find your people super fast; I have heard from so many people that they feel as is everyone else is finding their friend group faster than them. However, even upperclassmen I have talked to feel like their group of friends is always shifting, changing and they never stop wanting to meet new people to expand their circles. Everyone has this feeling of wanting to belong, and you will get there.

3. It’s okay to find out the hard way your meal plan is running low

Every college student (or at least all of those that I have encountered) shares in the understanding that food dollars disappear into thin air faster than one would expect. But that’s when a friend’s meal swipe comes in handy. If only meal plans grew on trees amiright? 

4. It’s okay to not work out every day

Okay, in college you are surrounded by self-conscious people (understandably in a society that emphasizes looking and presenting yourself a certain way), and this creates a pressure to be doing what everyone else is doing to try and achieve this unattainable goal. Keep in mind that you do what you need, and find confidence in your routine and in yourself.

5. It’s okay to not want to be pre-business or pre-med

Does it feel like literally every single person surrounding you is pre-business or pre-med (I mean except for that one art or english major)? So many universities have cultures like this, but guess what? There are so many majors! So many jobs that do not need business or medicine (not to take away from the students that do choose these paths, I am in awe of the work you do), but there are so many options for a reason: choose what you are passionate about, especially in undergrad.

6. It’s okay to walk the 1.5 mile in health class

I have zero endurance. It is that simple. Some people are undoubtedly amazing runners and I will never understand how people run marathons for fun. For health the 1.5 mile run caused me anxiety leading into it. I found a buddy, gave myself some motivational mantras to say in my head, and came up with a game plan. I ran the straights and walked the curves, and this was perfectly acceptable.

7. It’s okay to facetime your dogs

One of the hardest things for me coming to college was leaving my dogs, and knowing I wouldn’t see them every day. But, I am unashamed to say that when facetiming my family, I spend a significant amount of time talking to my dogs, checking in on them, and this has been amazing. Highly recommend to anyone with a four-legged friend at home.

8. It’s okay to never have done or felt any of these things