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Another draft day has come and gone, and this one was a little bit different due to the global pandemic. The players may have been kept apart but the teams were still happy to get their teams together. There are some interesting picks, some upsetting picks, some surprising picks, and some unsurprising picks. This year they had many picks that were building blocks for the teams in future years. 

Starting with the most anticipated and most expected pick was Trevor Lawrence to the Jaguars. This was the least surprising as Wake students know all too well that Trevor Lawrence was a hot commodity. Number one draft pick overall, many people think that he is a game-changer for the Jaguars and he will win them a Super Bowl. Another big pick was the number two draft pick overall was Zach Wilson, former BYU quarterback, to the New York Jets. The Jets can always use some talent. Many people expected this but also were unsure if Justin Fields would be picked in his spot. 

Speaking of Justin Fields, he was snagged in the #11 spot by the Chicago Bears, who were in desperate need of a quarterback. The Bears gave up a lot to get this pick but ended up getting a great pick that they need to fill out their team. Hopefully, they use Fields well and take advantage of this for all they gave up. The third overall pick was Trey Lance from NDSU. As the third pick, this is very controversial. Many people think that Trey is still developing and isn’t ready to play with the 49ers just yet. Another big move is that Mac Jones went to the Patriots, the former Alabama quarterback went at number 15. He has big shoes to fill in the Patriots dynasty but most people think that this will be a perfect role for him. The final pick that people were really talking about was Devonta Smith, a Heisman Trophy winner. He ended up at the Eagles as the number 10 pick. Most people think this will be a great role for him and he will fit right into the franchise. 

The draft was no different than most years except not everyone was able to be together like normal. Jaguars fans rejoiced, Jets fans got their hopes up again and other teams just gained players they are unsure will make an impact. Another year, another draft.


Colleen Condon

Wake Forest '23

Hi I am Colleen Condon and I am a sophomore at Wake Forest University! I am majoring in Psychology and Communication with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I am from the suburbs of Chicago and love participating in HerCampus. I am super into sports, playing soccer and basketball in high school and now playing club basketball in college. I am also interested in wellness. As a pescatarian and an avid gym attendee I am always looking for ways to better myself!
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