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Double Trouble with Aly Haran and Monreau DeVos

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be roommates with your best friend? Juniors Ally Haran and Monreau DeVos have the answers- oh yeah, and they’re teammates, too.  

Her Campus: Where are you from?

Ally Haran (AH): Linden, Michigan

Monreau DeVos (MV): Grand Rapids, Michigan


HC: What are you major/minors?

AH: I’m a communications major with an entrepreneurship minor.

MD: Same.

AH: Yeah, we’re basically the same person. (Laughs)


HC: How old were you when you started playing soccer?

AH: How old can you start? Kindergarten?

MD: Yeah, I started around 5 years old.


HC: What is a normal day like for someone on the soccer team?

MD: This year we have morning practices, so we’re up early. Twice a week we have weight training too…

AH: …And somewhere in there we go to classes, too.


HC: What position do you play?

MD: We’re both center backs.


HC: What is something unique about defenders?

AH: We’re all big; you have to be tall and strong.

MD: Center backs have to be the best at staying calm under pressure. We also have to know how to read the game really well.


HC: What is it like rooming with a teammate?

AH: We have the same schedule which is really nice. We both have to wake up early for practice so you’re not disturbing anyone because your roommate is up too.

MD: It’s also good because you understand each other. After games, especially tough losses, there’s someone there who gets it.


HC: What are some of the team’s goals for the rest of the season?

MD: I think the goal is always to do better than last year.

AH: At the start of the season, we always sit down and outline lots of goals for the season. As defenders, we always want to get shut-outs.

MD: The biggest goal would probably be to make the ACC tournament this year. We didn’t quite make it last year so right now that’s our main focus.


HC: When do you usually have games?

MD: They’re normally on Thursdays and Sundays but sometimes other days. We love when people come out to support- call it “Spryday” night and bring all your friends!  


HC: Aside from soccer, what else are you involved in on campus?

MD: We’ve done Wake Saturday’s before. Those were really fun.  

AH: It’s also fun to go into the city and see what Winston-Salem is like outside the bubble of Wake campus.


HC: What’s your favorite place to eat on campus?

MD: Zick’s.

AH: Yeah, Zick’s for sure.

MD: Benson is also nice though because there are a lot of choices.


HC: How about off campus?

Both: Chipotle!


HC: Can you name a favorite Wake memory?

MD: I remember a few times going back to freshman year, when we won a game where we were expected to get blown out. Celebrating that with your teammates is one of the best feelings of the game.

AH: Definitely! Moments with the team are for sure the best memories. It was also a lot of fun to watch men’s soccer go as far as they did last year and be able to cheer them on. Hopefully we’ll get to do the same!

photos courtesy of Aly Haran and Monreau DeVos


*Article by Erika Reiter

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