Christmas Movies to Help You Survive Until Winter Break

The end of the semester is within our grasp and I don’t know about you, but Thanksgiving break was just way too short and made me more anxious for Winter Break. So as we are all struggling to survive these next few weeks drowning in all the presentations, essays and finals that are upon us, I thought that we could all do with some encouragement.  

If you are in need of a much needed and deserved mental break from all the work that you are drowning in, here are some of my favorite Christmas movies to watch in order to prepare yourself for the most magical time of year.  

1. "Christmas with the Kranks."


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This movie always makes me laugh no matter how many times I watch it.  This movie is just so crazy that it somehow makes sense and makes me smile and love the cheer that Christmas always brings in the end. Highly recommend to watch when you need to feel some happiness during finals week.

2. "Elf."

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Anyone that says that "Elf" isn’t funny or is overrated has clearly never actually seen the movie or is lying to themselves.  This movie is not only the best Christmas movie of all time, but is a fantastic movie in general that I can watch throughout the year. It is basically a movie about never letting your inner child grow up come on people this movie is a masterpiece stop living in denial. The people that don’t like "Elf" are the same people who say pumpkin spice lattes are terrible and have never actually tried one, they need an education or just need to burst into Christmas songs because “the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”

3. "White Christmas."

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A classic that warms my heart instead of tearing it out *cough "It’s a Wonderful Life" cough* There is nothing better than listening to Bing Crosby’s soothing voice telling me about his dreams of a white Christmas because--let me tell you--as a girl growing up in California, I have wished this a lot of years and it has yet to come true. So, I’ll let you know when that changes.

4. "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."

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I have one word: ICONIC. Every time that I watch this movie I realize that I relate more and more with the Grinch.  I mean the humor in this movie is amazing the Grinch just wants to be alone and just hate everything and I mean same.  This movie is genius and I highly recommend watching it and realizing that as we get older we all become the Grinch a little bit.  

5. "The Santa Clause."

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Also iconic. This movie is so humorous and the relationship between Charlie and his dad is amazing to watch develop. It also makes me feel actual pain when no one believes him but of course the magic of Christmas can not be destroyed.

Well I hope some of these movies bring a smile to your face as we all struggle through these last few pushes towards the end of the semester. Just remember that the most magical time of year is almost upon us and you can make it!!!