Campus Cutie: Mike Cydylo ('17)

Name: Mike Cydylo 

Year: Junior

Major: Double Major in Biology and Spanish

Hometown: Trumbull, Connecticut 

Relationship Status: Single

Did you ever wonder who organizes all the fun events on campus, like aWake All Night and Guac on the Quad? This Cutie is not only very involved in Student Union, but he is also someone you can meet at almost every soccer, football and basketball game. In case you know some Spanish, feel free to switch to that language when you talk to him, as he happily will be reminded of his semester abroad in Spain last spring. Meet this week's Campus Cutie, Mike Cydylo!

Her Campus (HC): I heard you are involved in Springfest. Could you tell us more about that?

Mike Cydylo (MC): Springfest is a week full of events to celebrate the warm weather at the end of March, so we have one event every day, and it will end with the annual dance: “Shag on the Mag.”

HC: How long have you been involved in Student Union?

MC: I have been the on the Programming Chair since the beginning of this year, but I have been a committee member since freshman year.

HC: Oh wow! So how did you get involved in all of this?

MC: I signed up through the Activities Fair, and then I got more involved in it during sophomore year. One of my friends is on the Programing Chair, so she wanted me to come to all the meetings. I really liked it, so I applied to be a Programming Chair, and I got the homecoming position. 

HC: Nice! So what do you like most about it?

MC: I meet many different people which is great, and each year we have a lot of freshmen apply for a committee chair. So we get a good sense of what the freshmen are like (laughs). And then obviously, when we have the events, I meet even more people, and it’s always a lot of fun.

HC: Tell me more about the other events you help out with!

MC: Student Union hosts more than 120 events a year – Tuesday Trivia each week, the movies every Friday. We plan Family Weekends and homecoming events, and so much more. 

HC: Sounds like a huge time commitment. Is it?

MC: I just have two meetings a week for an hour each, so it’s not too bad. 

HC: You really seem to like it. Would you want to do something similar after you graduate?

MC: Actually, I want to go to med school. 

HC: Oh wow! Do you know where yet?

MC: No, it kind of depends on where I get in (laughs).

HC: How did you choose Wake? What made you come here?

MC: I didn’t really know what I wanted: a huge state school, or one that was big on athletics or not? So I applied to schools all over the east coast. It came down to UConn and Wake, which are the complete opposites. When I visited Wake, I got a really good vibe here. The students hanging on the quad seemed happy, and it just looked like a very welcoming environment.

HC: So do you think you made the right decision?

MC: Yeah! I love it here!

HC: Awesome! But now to the most interesting part: Girls. What personality traits do you look for in a girl?

MC: I need to be able to hold a whole conversation with her, and a girl who has good sense of humor is awesome. Everyone is serious, but sometimes you just have to laugh. And you have to enjoy the conversation. You can’t have awkward small talk all the time.

HC: When you finally find the right girl, where would you take her to make it a perfect date?

MC: Perfect date? Oh wow. I am a big fan of hiking, so I would like to take her to Pilot Mountain with a casual dinner afterwards. I love the outdoors, so hopefully that will be involved.

Make sure to check out Springfest March 28 to April 1!