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Breaking out of the Bubble: The Top Brunch Places in Winston-Salem!

It’s Sunday morning. You’ve had a busy week and all you want to do is revel in the last few hours of your weekend. What better way than to nom on some delicious food with your friends? While there are few things better than sauntering over to the Pit for a lazy brunch, we have several other tasty suggestions that will help you break out of the Wake bubble and see what Winston-Salem has to offer. It’s a new year at the Forest, so why not make some changes and break up the routine?

1. The Screaming Rooster

Located by the Brookstown Inn and Ollie’s Bakery near Old Salem, The Screaming Rooster is a fabulous brunch destination that serves a variety of traditional breakfast foods such as French toast with freshly made brioche breads or even the Southwestern breakfast burrito. Beyond the plentiful food and quaint southern atmosphere, The Screaming Rooster is known for its support of local farms and farmers’ markets. The food is fresh, home grown, and delicious.
Senior Quinn Corey says of the Screaming Rooster, “It feels like you are almost in a southern home instead of a restaurant. The food is very traditional southern food with a healthy spin, like their oatmeal pancakes.”

If you’re looking for a homey restaurant with a vast array of menu options, grab your gals and try The Screaming Rooster!

2. 1703

Perhaps less well-known, 1703 is slightly more upscale with a gourmet brunch menu. Delicious and tasteful, 1703 is a prime spot for those classy Sunday mornings. Popular things on the brunch menu include a variety of omelet options, fresh salads, smoked trout benedict and French toast.

Laura Trollinger raves about 1703’s style: “The atmosphere is cozy and inviting. The food is superb. I love this little gem because the presentation never disappoints me. Artfully decorated plates and gorgeous colors are an indicator of the freshness and variety offered each day.”

Looking for a place to take your parents for Family Weekend or maybe just wanting to up the artsy-ness of your brunch experience? Hit up 1703 on Robinhood Road, just behind Rebecca and Co.

3. Breakfast of course!

We can’t forget about Breakfast of course! Yes, that’s really the name—we’re not just overly excited about this eatery. Located on Trade Street in downtown Winston-Salem, Breakfast of course! is perfect for a more laid-back and affordable brunch nom-fest. With its diner-like atmosphere, Breakfast of course!’s brunch specialties include the traditional Biscuits and Gravy, Mendoza Benedict, and the classic Breakfast burrito. They also offer multiple vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Pam Bunten highly recommends Breakfast of course! for the experience. “They have anything you could possibly want for breakfast with a few unique additions. This is one where I would recommend going beyond your comfort zone and trying something new because it’s all delicious!”

Whether you’re feeling traditional or adventurous, Breakfast of course! is perfect for you.

3. Sweet Potatoes

Can’t deny your southern roots? Or maybe you’re from elsewhere and you’re just trying to convince yourself that you’re southern? Either way, we support you and we’ve got the perfect place for you. Sweet Potatoes, also located on Trade Street, is the quintessential southern-flair cafe. With favorite southern favorites such as Fried Green tomato sandwiches, shrimp and grits, egg and cheese biscuits, and sweet potato pancakes filling the menu, do your taste buds (but maybe not your cholesterol level) a favor and make this your next brunch spot.

4. Midtown Cafe

Perhaps the most popular and well known of brunch places within Winston-Salem is Midtown Cafe. A favorite of many Wake Students, Midtown Cafe is close to campus (just off Stratford) and affordable. With a friendly and warm atmosphere and a large menu, you can usually find whatever you’re looking to eat for a Sunday brunch! Famous for their many types of pancakes and freshly baked goods, Midtown never disappoints. Favorites include the all-too-many types of pancakes and make-your-own omelets.
When asked about her go-to dive for a Sunday brunch, senior Maggie Cancelosi emphatically replied, “Midtown Cafe is my favorite brunch place!”

Now that we’ve given you the best of the best in terms of brunch destinations, do yourself a favor and break out of the bubble! Yes, the Pit is fantastic, and true, you may not be able to get a branded Wake Forest waffle anywhere else, but there’s no harm in being a little adventurous. So do yourself a favor and head on over to one of these fab destinations this weekend. Happy brunching!

I am a junior at Wake Forest University and write for the "News" section of WFU hercampus branch.
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