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Black Friday Survival Guide


Although Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, here at Her Campus we are taking a moment to look ahead. No not to Christmas just yet! It is every collegiette’s dream and nightmare: Black Friday. A day full of unthinkable sales and unimaginable crowds. It is the best day to buy presents for others at reduced prices that never actually get to the people you intended for and instead end up in your own closet…But if you are courageous enough to risk your life to save for the sales of a lifetime here are some guidelines to survive the day.

First you need to plan ahead! You need to make a list of the specific items you are going for. Remember, don’t go for too much. Limit yourself to the things that really matter the most! After you have your list of items (I would advise no more than 10 things, especially if they are all in different stores), make a list of all the stores you are most likely to find them. You probably don’t want to be running around a huge mall from one end to the other and definitely not switching malls or stores – parking is going to be a nightmare! If you are super nerdy or type A like I am, mapping out your stores will allow you to find the fastest and most direct roots.


Now with running around a mall all day, you are sure to get hungry and dehydrated. Whoever said shopping isn’t a workout clearly has never done it right. Make sure to pack a snack and some water. You do not want to be wasting time finding the food court. Pack things that are easy to eat on the move, like granola bars or fruit. But avoid candy and items with too much sugar; you will crash and nobody has time for that!  


Our final suggestion to help you get through Black Friday is bring a friend! Or drag your mom, dad, or any other family member around. But remember a few key things: first, make sure they are on board and want to go! You do not want to be dragging a long a resistant participant on top of all of your shopping bags. Second, if the person has their own list of items they want make sure the stores match with the ones you want to go to! The point is to help each other, give/get good advice, and just have someone there so you don’t go insane. Don’t bring too many people though, one or two is best. You don’t need a posse.

And after those hours of shopping and all the calories you have burned, treat yourself to a nice dinner and a long bath. Spend the rest of the night being thankful for the amazing deals you got that day and for the fact that the most stressful day of your year is over. And after the holidays, reevaluate all of the things you still need and start planning for next year’s Black Friday!

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