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The Best Ways to Treat Yourself After Midterms

By the time you’re reading this, midterms are over or are nearing the end! The only two words I have to say, as quoted by the man, DJ Khaled, is: BLESS UP. I definitely experienced a lot of new things during my midterms, like when I walked into my history class and thought that the test was going to be all multiple choice and it ended up being a series of essays out of a blue book, or when I forgot to study at least 20 vocabulary words for my French exam. I also stress-ate my way through campus, so there’s that. As you can probably tell, my midterms went great, but the most important thing is that they’re over! I know that we’ve all passed our exams with flying colors, and it’s time to treat ourselves. We’ve worked hard over these past few weeks, and now that the midterm pressure is (mostly) off, I’ve made a list of the five best ways to have fun after your sprint out of your last midterm.

1. Go to a fun off campus meal with your friends!

    Let’s be real, is there anything better to do than eat? Didn’t think so. Grab your friends and get off campus for a fun meal. Some of my favorite places around Wake are The Village Juice Company, The Village Tavern, Dioli’s Italian Market, Silo’s, and Mizu. If you’re at the Village Tavern, be sure to get their sweet potato fries, the chicken teriyaki at Mizu, and at Silo’s and Dioli’s, you can’t go wrong with any of their sandwiches, especially Silo’s caprese panini. 

    2. Have a fun spa night! 

        Take a trip to Target or CVS with your friends, pick up some fun new beauty products, and have a fun spa night in! Paint your nails, put on a face mask, try a new lip treatment or even a teeth whitening product. Watch a funny movie, make some popcorn— you’re all set.

    3. Try a fun new exercise class!

        What better way is there than to take relieve some post-midterm stress with some exercise? Instead of hitting the gym on campus, venture off to Pure Barre or try a class at Yoga Dogz, both located in Reynolda Village. Grab some friends, put on your coolest pair of leggings, and go for it! Because both Pure Barre and Yoga Dogz are located in Reynolda Village, you can even make a day out of it, with the promise of some food and a little shopping after you just worked your butt off.

    4. Watch some episodes of your favorite TV show!

    Take a few hours (or even an entire afternoon) to watch some episodes of your favorite TV show. There’s no better way to forget about midterms than to watch Rob and Blac Chyna fight for a couple hours.

    5. Call a best friend from home to catch up!

    With everyone busy at their respective schools, sometimes it’s hard to keep in touch. Call or Facetime one of your best friends or someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Hearing about other people’s adventures is always fun, and I’m sure you can’t wait to fill them in on yours.

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