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The Best Ways to Bond with Your Freshman Roommate: Preexisting Friendship or Not

In the first year of college, everyone feels the need to establish a positive relationship with their new roommate, whether to form a budding friendship or simply keep the peace in the living space. Sometimes it can be awkward or uncomfortable, but testing out all five of these tasks can make the transition from acquaintances to real friends much more attainable, no matter how long you’ve known each other!

Watch a Netflix show or movie together. 

Get together on a Sunday night, maybe with some Skinny Pop and candles (battery operated…wink) and find a show or film online to enjoy together. Picking one out can be fun and a good way to better discover each other’s interests, but watching it together will always be a fun memory to have.

Late night Uber Eats snacking. 

There’s nothing like coming back to your room after a long night out or countless hours of studying and ordering a whole feast with your roommate. Roommates see each other at some of their best and worst moments whether they realize it or not, and being able to experience the phenomenon of restaurant cuisine right in your own room will always be one of the best moments you could have—why not celebrate it together!

Library date. 

ZSR is a perfect setting to get some one-on-one time in with your roomie. If idle conversation gets old, this saves you the effort! It’s an easy way to spend time together whilst getting work and studies completed. You can encourage each other to be productive by making a routine to go together every night, and also using it as a time to hang out together after a long class day of separation!

Local excursion. 

There is always something fun to do within close proximity to campus! Check out a large-scale concert in Greensboro or spend an impromptu weekend exploring the Queen City with your roommate! Here in Winston, you could walk down to Monkee’s in Reynolda Village and browse around or try out a Pure Barre class together! There is no good reason for you and your roommate to be bored together when you could be exploring what’s outside our campus and readily available to us.

Spa night. 

The most relaxing and perhaps advantageous activity to enjoy together with your roommate is a little self-care! Try out some face masks or nail painting with each other. It’s an easy way to treat yourselves and relax together in a campus full of pressures. You will come out of it happier, refreshed and more fabulous than you were before.

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Hi guys! My name is Gabbie Albert, and I am a freshman from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Here on campus I am involved with Sustainability Club, Spoon University, my sorority Kappa Beta Gamma, and of course Her Campus! I am really passionate about service and plan on finding a potential major and then career that grants me the opportunity to help give back on a large scale. You can usually find me at any cliché restaurant in Winston or sleeping in ZSR!
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