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Best Sites to Keep Up with the News

Attention, collegiettes! In case you haven’t realized, Election 2016 is coming up quicker than you may think. For many of us, it is our very first time to vote. As crazy as this election seems, don’t let your vote go to waste! Instead of feeling discouraged, stay on top of your game and get as informed as possible. Here are the top places to get informed about world happenings in the news:


1. The New York Times

NYT is a great source for all kinds of news, but it is especially awesome for catching up on politics. It has a great feature called “Fact Checks of the 2016 Election” that tells you the accuracy of each of the candidates’ statements. This section can really come in handy after a debate!


2. BBC

BBC is a great source to learn about important global issues. It is no secret that having a more worldly perspective can help you feel more informed on a broader scale. BBC also has a “US Election 2016” section with great political articles with a “Watch/Listen” portion for those who would rather sit back, relax, and enjoy the news. Since each video is only roughly two minutes long, it is a quick and convenient way to stay informed.


3. The Wall Street Journal

Although WSJ is most widely known for its business coverage, it is truly a great source for any and all kinds of news. Want to know more about the economy? Investing? Politics? The world? And of course, business? Look no further than WSJ! There is a reason it is THE most read newspaper in America.


4. Vox

If you don’t find reading the news enjoyable, or you are too busy to find the time, Vox is for you! It is an exclusively web-based news source with a really cool feature called “card stacks” that allows you to read the news like you would read from a flashcard. Some of their recent card stack topics include “Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, explained” and “The Iowa caucuses, explained.” Each stack has about 10-15 virtual cards. Click through each card in the stack and… BOOM, you are practically fully informed about the topic! However, if you are a fan of more conventional news outlets, Vox has traditional articles as well.


5. The Skimm

A popular site already used by many of us Deacs is the Skimm, which sends daily email newsletters breaking down the latest headlines. They even have a section dedicated to the election called “Skimm the Vote 2016” to help you stay on track. If you like quick, snappy news that you can literally “skim,” then this site is the one for you! 



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