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Ben Levine (’18)

Name: Ben Levine

Year: Sophomore

Major: Undecided

Hometown: Richboro, Pa.

Relationship Status: Wouldn’t say single, wouldn’t say taken

If you want to laugh your socks off, this Banshee will crack jokes and quote movies 24/7. He’s a social butterfly, planning events as Sigma Chi’s Social Chair. Meet this week’s Campus Cutie, Ben Levine!


HC (Her Campus): Banshees had a show last week! How did it go?

BL (Ben Levine): It was my first show, so I was really excited. We had 10 sketches. There were a lot that had to do with fraternities and sororities, but then there were some not related to college life. It was a good mix of different types of humor. I had a great time writing them.


HC: What is the writing process like for each show?

BL: The writing process takes a few months. At first, you pitch ideas and split into groups to write sketches. Then we choose 60 sketches and rewrite them as the show gets closer. Out of the 60 rewritten sketches, we pick 10.


HC: This was your first Banshee show! How has the experience been for you?

BL: It’s been really cool. Last year, I was thinking about trying out, but for some reason I didn’t.  This year I was at the club fair, and one of the members told me I should try it out!

HC: You are also a brother of Sigma Chi. How has that experience been for you?

BL: Also a great experience. I have been lucky to have two great extracurriculars to do. Sigma Chi is a great brotherhood. I have really great friends.


HC: What’s it like being Sigma Chi’s Social Chair?

BL: It’s really stressful even though it’s really fun. I like planning the parties and getting creative with ideas. I have two other great guys helping me though!


HC: What are some of your hobbies?

BL: I love movies. I quote movies 24/7; those are all my jokes. My favorite movies are Good Will Hunting and The Prestige. I also love all types of music, except country. But, living in the south, I am starting to like it more and more.


HC: When talking to a girl, what is the first thing you notice?

BL: Eyes


HC: What personality traits do you look for in a girl?

BL: Funny and outgoing. I can be inclined to lay around all day, so I look for a girl who will get me off the couch. It’s also important that she puts up with my movie quotes.

HC: Describe your perfect date!

BL: Probably something active and fun. Dinner is fun, but sometimes it gets repetitive. A good date would maybe be going for a hike and bringing lunch – doing active stuff. I don’t like dates at movie theaters, but I do like to Netflix and chill.


HC: And lastly, what motto do you live your life by?

BL: You only live once. YOLO.


*Article by Katherine Naylor

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