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Behind the Scenes of Brand Girls – Rachael Bozsik


Rachael Bozsik, the founder of Brand Girls, spoke at a campus event this week about her experience starting her company. The idea for Brand Girls was born out of the conversations that she used to have with her girlfriends in college regarding their dream careers. Bozsik noticed that her friends tended to settle for the first opportunity that came their way, rather than strive for what they really wanted. Aiming to guide young women to achieve their ambitions, she launched Brand Girls, whose mission is to help women as early as freshman year to build “personal brand confidence,” allowing them to land their dream jobs.

Brand Girls is all about women building each other up. Staffed by professional female consultants, Brand Girls takes a personalized approach to providing advice on topics such as what to wear to a job interview and how to write your resume in order to make it stand out. Bozsik emphasizes that for gender equality to be realized, young college women need to be empowered. She points out the statistic that women tend to wait to apply for a job until they believe that they are one hundred percent qualified, whereas men wait until they are believe they are forty percent qualified. Bozsik’s objective is to make sure that women put themselves out there for their careers just as often as men. Brand Girls actively supports young women entering the workplace, a goal that is more necessary than ever.  

Alice Bothwell

Wake Forest '22

Alice is currently a junior at Wake Forest University. She’s originally from New York City but is very excited to be living in the South!
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