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Beauty Blog: Gorgeous Hair in Under Five

Fall in the Forest has officially arrived! You love the colorful leaves and the return of the Pumpkin Spice latte, but getting out of your warm bed in the morning suddenly feels just as impossible as that dreadful chemistry midterm. Luckily, there is a way to get that extra half an hour of well-needed sleep without having to go to class with hair looking like… err, you just woke up…

These chic, minute-made hairstyles will save you some serious beauty sleep this fall!

The French Braid

Braid your hair into a tight French braid before you go to bed. Overnight it will loosen up, letting a few stands escape and creating that perfect effortless look à la Blake Lively on an episode of Gossip Girl!

The High Bun

It’s 7:40, your class starts in 20 minutes and you just woke up. Your hair is greasy, but let’s face it — showering isn’t an option. Don’t panic! Simply comb your hair backwards with your fingers (you don’t want to create that whole volume-less backslick situation through brushing it at this point) and pull your hair into a high pony tail. Hold the pony tail in position with one hand, and with the other twist your hair loosely, rolling it into a bun. Set with a hair band and spray with hairspray for extra fixation!

The Low Pontail with a Twist

Begin by spraying your hair with a texturizing spray, such as “Sea Salt Spray” by OGX.  Divide your hair into two sections and let one be slightly thicker than the other. Starting from underneath, take the thinner half and simply wrap it around the thicker. Set with a clear hair band or a thin clip.

The Loose Curls

Loose, natural looking curls within minutes? Done! Divide your hair into sections (around four should do the trick!) and twist them as tight as you can. Holding it at the end, go over each section with your straightener a couple of times. Fix with hairspray!

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