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Beating Breast Cancer with Lillie Burrow

Lillie Burrow has been hard at work organizing this year’s Panhellenic Breast Cancer Fashion Show! Awareness is key for this cause, and Lillie has gone the extra mile to achieve just that. Keep reading to get an inside look on the process.


Hometown: Memphis

Major: Theatre and Art History


HC: When and where is the Breast Cancer Fashion show?

LB: The event will be October 24th at 6 PM in Benson 401- tickets go on sale next week!


HC: Describe the Breast Cancer Fashion show in your own words.

LB: The fashion show is an event to empower women and men and to raise awareness about breast cancer. We also want to ensure that women are regularly checking themselves and understand the risks.


HC: What is your vision for the fashion show?

LB: I want to see a packed venue and raise an incredible amount of money for Susan G Koman.


HC: What do you hope people get out of the fashion show?

LB: I hope people leave with a newfound awareness for breast cancer and that it doesn’t just impact women, but men too. Also, I hope people see that beating breast cancer is something to take pride in, not something to be ashamed of, and that the disease doesn’t define you.


HC: What has been your favorite part about planning of the fashion show?

LB: The theme! It’s Cha Cha for Ta Tas, and it was so fun to come up with. We’re partnering with OLAS, one of the dance groups on campus. OLAS is putting on a Zumba class and maybe performing the cha cha at the event! Also, working alongside Ashton Caudle has been a blast.

HC: Why did you decide to run for this position?

LB: I was excited to be a part of Greek life and was so inspired by the women working on Panhel right now. Also, I wanted to promote awareness about the issue because both of my grandmothers had breast cancer.


HC: Do you plan on getting more involved in Panhel next semester?

LB: Yes! After I go abroad, I would love to.


HC: Why do think the fashion show is important?

LB: It’s definitely important for education: teaching people about breast cancer and educating women to give themselves regular exams. Also, it gives on-campus support for the issue because most people know someone who has suffered from breast cancer. Some people on my committees have parents who have suffered, and it’s a great way to bring a community of support together.


HC: What is your favorite Winston-Salem restaurant?

LB: Spring House!


HC: Favorite Netflix show to binge watch.

LB: Scandal; I love Olivia Pope!


What other things are you involved in on campus?

I am a Presidential scholar for theatre and am involved in Anthony Aston Players (AAP)!

photos courtesy of Lillie Burrow 


Girly girl. Pinterest addict. Actress.
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