Beat Boredom at Home

Bored at home? Can’t see your friends or go to your favorite restaurants? That’s okay! There are plenty of things to do at home that you might not have even thought of before. Maybe you’ve watched every Netflix show and movie under the sun, or tried every online workout there is. There’s still more you can do at home without having to spend any money or leave your house! Here are some ideas for beating boredom while you are stuck inside during these crazy times. 

1. Look at old photographs - My mom was recently organizing our family photo albums, and I realized that I could spend hours looking at old photos. It’s so fun to remember the trips you went on, the graduations, and the fun little moments you completely forgot about. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon if you’re bored. 

2. Make something in the kitchen - This doesn’t necessarily have to mean food! There are tons of recipes for homemade lip scrubs, face masks, and hair masks. You can kill some time and also practice self-care! A lot of recipes use ingredients that are kitchen staples, so you won’t even have to go shopping! 

3. Clean out your phone and laptop - Is your storage filling up? Go through your phone and laptop and delete photos, old files you don’t need anymore, and reminders that you’ve already done. You’ll feel organized and your devices will be less cluttered. 

4. Redecorate your room - Try to revamp or decorate your room without buying anything! Look through your attic or basement for things to decorate your room, paint your walls, or create a photo wall. It’s super easy to find inspiring, aesthetic photos online. By just printing them out and making a collage on your wall, it will totally spice up your room!

5. Journal - I’m always telling myself that I need to start keeping a journal, but sometimes it feels like I can never find the time. Well, now is the perfect time! With everything that’s happening right now, you’re definitely going to want to go back in a few and read about it, so why not open a fresh new notebook and get to writing! 

6. Revamp your wardrobe without buying any new clothes - If you’re sick of some of your old clothes but don’t want to spend money on new ones, try getting creative. Cropping, cutting, tie-dyeing, bleach dyeing, or sewing some of the clothes that you already own are a few ideas. You’ll have a new activity and your clothes will feel brand new! 

7. Make a scrapbook of all your college memories - If you are missing your friends and being at school (as most of us are), put together a scrapbook that will help you reminisce about the good times! Glue in some game day tickets, find some stickers, print photos, and draw pictures in your scrapbook to make it memorable.