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Beach Weekend Packing Guide

Beach Weekend is right around the corner, collegiettes. It’s time to start thinking of what you will pack. Don’t leave for Beach Weekend 2k14 without these essentials!

  • A SMALL Weekend Bag – Beach weekend is just that, a weekend. Leave the big bag at home and pack a small one instead. You’ll save room in the car and make packing and unpacking a lot easier for yourself. Plus, your date will thank you for not being high maintenance.
  • Camera – Beach weekend is a blast and you’ll definitely want photos of the occasion. You could rely on other people…but bringing your own camera is the only way to ensure that only the best photos of you end up on Facebook. If you bring your own camera, you will be able to edit and select the most flattering photos and make sure they are all social media appropriate. 
  • Sun screen or tanning oil and aloe – After spending the semester inside hiding from the snow your pale skin will NOT be ready for a weekend in the sun. Make sure to pack and reapply sunscreen all day to avoid turning into a lobster. It’s always a good idea to seek out some shade periodically. If you do get red, make sure you have some aloe to ease the burn. 
  • Flattering bikini – Bring two so you get to wear a different one each day.
  • Cute cover up – A cute cover up is a great way to not get burned while still enjoying the sun. Look for one that covers your shoulders – as they’re often the first body part to burn. 
  • Comfy clothes for the ride back – After a long weekend and all that fun in the sun you will be grateful for yoga pants and a comfy tee in for the car. 
  • Snacks – Bagel bites. Enough said. 
  • Clothes to mix and match – Be prepared for going out to dinner or someplace where no shirt and no shoes IS a problem. You should have some casual outfits that you can fall back on.
  • A dress for pictures on the beach OR if there is a formal – Pick a light summer dress which packs easily and will look great on the beach in your photos. If you don’t want to buy a new one check out Rent the Runway or a friend’s closet. 
  • Other essentials – Think beach towels, cute hat and sunglasses, beach bag, and phone charger. A regular towel or and makeup wipes are recommended too.

Helpful Hint: Here’s What NOT to Bring:

  • Too many outfits – It’s just one weekend. Over loading your suitcase will make packing everything again a huge pain! 
  • Too many toiletries – Seen as this is a trip to the beach you won’t need to follow a super detailed beauty routine, just bring the essentials and some surf spray for your hair! 
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