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Aphrodite’s Advice: How to Deal with Boyfriend Habits that Annoy You

1. TV Hog

Either your man is not willing to give up the remote because it’s his, or he is just so focused on his favorite TV show that he can’t imagine watching anything else. Sometimes men aren’t always so open about watching rom coms or Sex and the City

How to Deal with It: Just sit and watch whatever he is watching. Once it is finished, tell him that you want to watch something else, now that his program is over. Since he has nothing else to watch, he should give in a little easier than otherwise.

2. Showing Little Romantic Emotion

We don’t expect men to act all love-dovey and pro-chivalrous all of the time, but sometimes we just hate how they take romance for granted. And you feel annoyed when you urge him to be intimate.

How to Deal with It: Find out what his mood is that day. If he is feeling happy, then try holding his hand or kissing his cheek, encouraging closeness. If he is feeling a little bitter, don’t even bother. Most likely it will end up into a minor argument about feelings and clinginess.

3. Repeatedly Making Fun of Your Gullibility

Sometimes your guy makes fun of you by asking you silly questions or trying to convince you the impossible is possible. It can definitely get annoying.

How to Deal with It: Just roll your eyes, laugh, and go with it. If you act like it doesn’t bother you, then he will find the teasing less amusing and will eventually stop.

4. Selective Hearing

Boys tune girls out. It happens. That’s why your questions may be met with the common answer “What?” Ugh, annoying.

How to Deal with It: Speak openly and honestly if there is something that you want to knwo or is really bothering you.  He will see what is wrong and probably ask you to talk about it. If it is minor or gossipy, you might want to save it for your friends. 

5. Ogling at other girls

This happens constantly. It isn’t like he is going to leave you for that girl wearing the provocative dress, but you can’t help but think about it…

How to Deal with It: Act like it doesn’t bother you and occupy him with something else (take a look at your homework, try a bite of your food, etc). To get back at him, check out a guy in front of him. He won’t like that, now will he?

6. Obsessions with phones, video games, and cars

Boys love their cars. Boys love their phones. Boys love their video games. And they love talking about them. And since he sees you just as much (or even more) than his friends, then he has to share his appreciation of these items with you. It gets annoying, hearing him talk about foreign cars over American cars, all of the time.

How to Deal with it: Just listen to him talk about the same thing. Smile and nod. Whatever — we all have our favorite topics! 

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