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Agenda Organization: The Right Way


Do you have a planner, but still find yourself in frenzy, forgetting meetings or assignments? Collegiettes, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your agenda!

  1. Find an agenda you love, and you’ll want to use it! I use the myAgenda Deskop Planner in Leopard (it even comes with an address book in the back), but there are a number of great options for college students! Kate Spade, Lilly Pulitzer, and Moleskine are also popular picks for those who want a physical agenda.
  2. Highlight important tests, papers, and assignments in different colors to ensure you do not forget to complete them in time. DO NOT, however, highlight everything – then nothing will stand out!
  3. If you are not fond of color-coating classes, club meetings, etc., try to use the same pen or pencil when you write in your agenda. Having a clean, uniform look will make navigating your planner easier, and help you not to miss something! If your week looks organized, it probably will be!
  4. Use thin, patterned tape to mark events that continue for multiple days at a time. This is helpful for Thanksgiving Break, midterm exams, or even Mountain Weekend! This is easier than writing the event on each day, and is a decorative addition to your agenda. You can find tape like this at Target or stationary shops.
  5. Make sure to schedule the fun stuff too – vacations, mixers, and parties – it’ll give you something to look forward to when the going gets tough! I love an agenda that shows the full week, so I can see my weekend activities as I check off homework!

Happy planning, collegiettes!

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