6 Resources on Campus to Help You Tackle the End of the Semester


With less than a month until the last day of classes, finals are steadfastly approaching. Here are some resources on campus that will help you prepare in advance for your final papers, projects and exams:

  1. The Writing Center- Be sure to schedule an appointment ahead of time because slots fill up fast, especially during the few weeks before finals.
  2. The Learning Assistance Center- This is a great resource to find an individual or group tutor.
  3. The Math Center- A convenient place to find a graduate or undergraduate math expert to help you with a problem set or guide you through a difficult calculus concept.
  4. ZSR Library/Website- The ZSR website not only serves as a helpful database to conduct research or look up a particular publishing, it is also a link to other vital resources including library staff specialists, study rooms to reserve and more.
  5. The Bridge- Located on the second floor of the library, the Bridge is the go-to place for when you’re having computer troubles or need help downloading or navigating a computer application.
  6. The Office of Career and Personal Development- Still need to find a summer job or internship? It’s not too late to go to one of the OPCD’s scheduled events or their website’s links to other sites that will help you with your summer job search.


Good luck, collegiettes!


Photo via Wake Forest University: https://www.flickr.com/photos/wfunews/8269628591