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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wake Forest chapter.

A consistent and healthy morning routine is essential to establishing a positive and productive
tone for the day. Here are 5 steps you can follow to start your day off on the right foot!

  1. Avoid immediately going on your phone. Out of habit, many college students often check
    texts or open up Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media apps after turning off their
    alarm, and scroll through their feed or check notifications before getting up for the day.
    Try to limit the use of social media for the first 30 minutes of your day, choosing an
    alternative way to wake up and clear your head, such as showering, listening to music or
    a podcast while getting ready, or doing a skincare routine.
  2. Tidy up your dorm room. Although this is cliché advice, tidying up before leaving for your
    first class makes a big difference in the tone you set for the day. Simply making your bed
    in the morning can help you feel more organized and accomplished, and ready to take
    on the day ahead. Plus, there is no better feeling than coming back to a clean room at
    the end of a long day.
  3. Make a to-do list for the day. Staying organized by keeping track of your daily tasks and
    goals is the key to a productive day. Use a planner or the notes app on your phone to
    keep track of school assignments, extracurriculars, and social plans for the day.
  4. Eat a good breakfast. Whether you grab a coffee and bagel at Camino Bakery, an
    omelet at the Pit, or even a granola bar from your dorm before hurrying to an 8 AM
    class, eating a good breakfast is essential to starting the day off with the fuel and energy
    necessary for a long day of classes.
  5. Begin the day with positive affirmations. When it comes to having a positive, productive,
    and fulfilling day, a healthy mindset is essential. Think about your goals for the day,
    plans to look forward to, and opportunities ahead of you with enthusiasm and motivation,
    and get ready to take on the day ahead with a smile and high spirits.
Clara O'Connor

Wake Forest '26

Hi! I'm Clara O'Connor, a sophomore at Wake Forest University! I am from Darien, CT, and plan on majoring in Elementary Education and English. I love singing, spending time outdoors, spin classes, iced coffee, and listening to Taylor Swift!