5 Ways to Survive Stranger Things Withdrawal

Season 2 came out October 27, and it is has been one week, and if you’re like me, you’ve finished it and have been sitting in denial not knowing what to do with your life now. So, if you too have finished and now have no purpose in your life here are some tips to help you survive.  


1. Cry

Let all the feels out.  I know, I know, Jonathan and Nancy finally getting together, the reunion of Mike and Eleven, and Steve Harrington’s amazing character development are making you feel all the feels.  Trust me, I feel them too.

2.  Rewatch

Now that you know for sure Eleven is alive and alright and gets to see Mike again you can rewatch with more enjoyment and less agonizing terror.  

3.  Find a new show to fill that void in your heart

Sometimes it takes a new obsession to get over an old one.  Just like Steve is going to fill his Nancy void with babysitting his new best friend Dustin.  

4.  Find your TV soulmate

Find that other person that is also extremely emotional over this show.  When you find someone else who is triggered by the words “demadog” “upside down” or “mouthbreather” than you know that you have found a new person to sob to.

5.  Count down the days until the next season…. It’s ok it’s probably just another year

Anyway if any of you have finished Season 2 and are sitting alone in your sadness and feel like there is no longer a reason for your existence, I understand. It’s okay we are going to get through this together.  If Steve Harrington can deal with emotional pain so can we.  

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