5 Ways to Get Through the Rest of the Semester From Home

  1. 1. Make a schedule of work you have to get done in your week!

    Since we only have two weeks left in this semester, it might be good to sit down and write your due dates out in a planner or just in a notebook. I found it really helpful to also write down what I hope to accomplish each day. 

  2. 2. Make a plan for each time you sit down to do some work!

    Each time you sit down, write down what you hope to get done for the day/session. This helps keep your goals clear and achievable. This also makes breaking up work easier!

  3. 3. Make some time for what you enjoy!

    Take time to play video games, watch shows, and take part in the activities you like! Make sure this does not take over work/study time but allow yourself to have fun when you are not working hard on your schoolwork!

  4. 4. Take care of yourself!

    It is so important to take care of yourself over these next few weeks! This is an incredibly stressful time and you have to make sure you are staying healthy. Make sure you are getting enough sleep, exercising, and eating well! Your work will be better the better you feel!

  5. 5. Remember you’re in the homestretch! 

    We only have a few more weeks left in the fall 2020 semester! We (most of us) have done what a lot of people thought would not happen, had an in-person semester. These last few weeks will seal our metaphorical place in history! You have worked extraordinarily hard, finish strong!