5 Valuable Lessons I Learned As Freshman Year Comes to a Close

1.Try New Things (It is ok if you don’t always succeed)

I tried out many new clubs and activities this year that I never saw myself doing. I tried out for tour guides and banshees and although I didn’t make it, it was a learning experience. I decided to get involved in Her Campus, Wake n’ Shake, and Gamelan (a Balinese music ensemble) in the spring semester, and I am happy that I did because I learned about myself and my interests through them. They made me feel more a part of the Wake community.

2.Put Yourself Out There

I remember the first few days (and weeks) of freshman year I felt overwhelmed without my twin sister and high school friends. I felt like the typical freshman “fish” unsure how to navigate the enormous sea of clubs, friends, and classes that Wake Forest offers. I think, looking back, it is important and ok to be vulnerable with other people and reach out to strangers because you are all in the same boat. One of the ways I found my closest friend here is by getting coffee with her and just talking about how we were feeling about being new at Wake.


I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to get out of the Wake “bubble” on the weekends for your mental health.  Whether you go downtown for coffee, to Reynolda for crepes or a walk to the mountains for a hike etc. Getting off campus is a good reminder that there is a world outside of Wake.

4.The Importance of Alone Time

Being a twin and coming from a large close-knit family means that I have not had much alone time in my life. I think that when you first get to college it is a little shocking to realize the amount of solitude you will have with your own thoughts, and this isn’t a bad thing! I think this year I have learned that it is perfectly alright to not be around people all the time. In fact, it is healthy to grow to be fully comfortable with yourself and not need to have someone at every moment.


This year has been a journey of figuring out more about myself and what I want out of life/my college experience. It is ok to not succeed in every endeavor you pursue because then the ones that you do accomplish are that much more rewarding