5 Things to Do When Friends Visit you At College

The past two weekends I have had two of my friends from high school come to visit me. It has been extremely cool to show them around school and this new place where I have been living! Below I have some recommendations for what to do and where to go when your friends come to visit you.

Go to Krankies

Krankies is hands-down the best coffee place in all of Winston-Salem. They also have amazing biscuits. Before coming to Wake, I had never had a biscuit before, so if your friends aren’t from around here, I highly recommend them getting the biscuit breakfast sandwiches.

Go to the Reynolda House

I know that you’re thinking going to a small museum might be boring, but it is definitely not. Last weekend I took my friend and sister to the Reynolda House and we got to explore R. J. Reynolds totally cool pad. We got to go into all these different rooms as well as explore the art exhibit downstairs. Another plus is that the walk is relaxing and scenic.

Go to Camino Bakery after dark

What I love about Camino is how it is a late-night bakery. There are not very many of those that I have been able to find in the US. The sweets are good and it is a fun place to sit and catch up.

Go for a hike

Unfortunately I was not able to do this with my friends, but we had planned on it. Removing yourself from campus and downtown is nice. You also get to get in some exercise from all the eating you have been doing and get some fresh air.

Set up a movie in the lounge

Last weekend my friends and I connected our laptop to the lounge TV and watched The Last Song. It was just like being home and watching rom-coms on your couch, like we used to do in high school. It was also a slower pace than the rest of the weekend and truly a time to just chill.