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As I sat and watched Sex in the City on Amazon Prime, I wondered why I had not clicked on my Netflix bookmark in quite a while. Then I realized a few reasons why…

1. The Movies. 

Why are there only kid movies on Netflix these days? And not the good type of kid movies like Aladdin or the Little Mermaid. It’s some random off brand TLC movie called “The Secret Snowflake” (or something equally as cliché) that has no plot at all. I’m fed up. It a classic Disney movie or even an old classic too much to ask for!?

2. Netflix Originals. 

I have to say I’m a sucker for a few Netflix Originals, but nevertheless, I’m over it. Netflix Originals are taking over my Netflix feed. I have to scroll down about five categories to see a normal people series. Albeit, some of them are very popular and interesting, but for the most part (unfortunately) they are trash.

3. “Friday Night Lights” (FNL).

Why, why, why would they do this to us? Netflix has not only taken off one of the best shows they had, but they have removed pretty much all the reasons why I used Netflix in the first place. Features like Hannah Montana, Can’t Buy me Love, Footloose are gone, and that’s just to name a few. The list goes on and on. Why is it that every month Netflix slowly takes down the best series they have and replace them with Netflix Originals and miscellaneous Christmas movies that nobody has ever watched all the way through?

4. Amazon Prime/HBO/Showtime.

In my time of need (for FNL) I searched for alternate sources. Since then, I have been introduced to a new world of TV. Amazon prime, HBO, Showtime etc. These providers have a wealth of TV series and movies which cannot be found on Netflix. If I ever crave a TV series I miss or think about a movie I want to watch, I can always find it on one of these sources with a quick Google search. Never mind Netflix, sign me up for this!

5. The Cost.

Netflix’s cost continues to rise for insignificant reasons such as: extra family members, HD, they’re broke I don’t know… who knows what. While the rest of us are out pirating our favorite movies or using our cable providers OnDemand for the shows we want to watch. It’s simply a waste. Shame on you Netflix.


For the Netflix lovers out there, I’m sorry. But, in a matter of time “Netflix and Chill” is going to turn into “Prime and Chill.” Mark my words.

Sofia Lopresti

Wake Forest '22

Hi! I'm a freshman from Providence, Rhode Island who loves social media, beauty, fashion, news and so much more! I hope you like my articles! xoxo
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