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5 Reasons Why Christmas is the Most Amazing Time Ever

I don’t know about you, but if you are even slightly normal you will be jumping for joy that Christmas is just around the corner! You’ve probably put lights up in your dorm room as well as greeted everyone with blasting Christmas music at all possible moments.  Here are just some of the highlights that make this the most amazing time of year.  

1. Christmas Music

This is quite literally the reason I get out of bed in the morning. During Christmas time I refuse to listen to anything that is not Christmas themed in some form or fashion.  

Or you could be like the Grinch, who quite honestly is my spirit animal.  

2. Christmas Decorations

Why even celebrate Christmas if you can’t decorate for it?  There is nothing better than seeing a Christmas tree in someone’s window or just the red and green colors everywhere! 

3.  Christmas Food

Cookies, pie, drinks and anything Christmas themed… I could live off of those for the rest of my life.  Nothing is better than a Peppermint Mocha because it tastes like chocolatey Christmas in a cup and is the definition of happiness.  

4.  Christmas Clothes

No matter how old I am, I will still find ugly Christmas sweaters extremely entertaining.  It is basically a reason for people to wear horrendous outfits but themed for Christmas so it is considered totally fine.  

5.  Christmas Movies

Of course you could be like me and watch them all year long but now it the time that they are socially acceptable.  Nothing is better than sitting with a cup of hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies.  

I hope all of you enjoy the Christmas season and that some of these gifs and the thought of sitting and watching Elf while on Christmas break gets you through finals!  

*gifs courtesy of: https://giphy.com/

Jennifer Rokus

Wake Forest '21

Senior at Wake Forest University. LA girl living in the south. Netflix enthusiast. Avid reader. Lover of boots and pumpkin spice.
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