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Long Skirts

Long skirts are all the rage this season with so many fits, colors, and styles available. They are a great way to transition from your winter closet to your spring wardrobe by pairing them with a cable knit sweater or a graphic tee; they are so comfy too! They pair nicely with heels, sneakers, and booties, so whatever your style, they can fit right in. They look flattering on any body shape and can make the coziest outfit chic, so I highly recommend you add this piece to your collection.

Flowy White Blouses and Dresses

Spring is coming ladies and gentlemen! That means you can pull out those white jeans and blouses once again. Except this season we are going to see a fun twist on the classic white Easter Sunday dress. In stride with many other trends this season, white dresses and blouses will be far less form-fitting, with a more loose and flowy silhouette. These articles of clothing will never lose their charm. If you pair them with a denim or leather jacket, it allows them to transition well between cooler and warmer days. From ruffles to smocked tops, crop tops to midi dresses, this trend is one I feel will stick around well into the summer season and possibly into spring 2022.


Overalls have been making more appearances over the past couple of years, but this spring people are saying they will be especially popular. Whether you pair short light-washed overalls with a cute band tee or long loose-fitting overalls with a fun and colorful blouse, they are a great way to level up the basic blue jean. Overalls can become a staple in your closet, and even once the “trend” has passed, I have a feeling they will be timeless.

Comfy and Cute Sets

Ok, so we all know those social media influencers who will post pictures on the weekends with their perfect-looking iced coffee and a pristinely executed messy bun. This is not just how they woke up, and I know this because I sit in my sweatpants and a large t-shirt with black coffee (fresh out of my Keurig) every Saturday morning, and I own it. However, this cute and comfy trend is a great way to be insanely comfortable, while stepping up your game a little bit. These adorable sweat sets are perfect to sleep in, go to the dining hall in, or spend all day in Zoom class in. They come in so many colors and patterns from a wide variety of brands. And the best part? They do not just belong in Spring 2021; they can be worn all year long!

Babydoll Dresses With Puffy Sleeves

This trend is absolutely adorable and looks flattering on everyone. Baby doll dresses have been popular for a while now, but with the addition of a fun puffy sleeve, they are being elevated for the Spring 2021 season. These dresses are being carried in so many boutiques right now and are being offered in countless patterns, colors, and designs. Pair one with platform sandals for a sunny day on the campus quad or booties for a night out on the town -- COVID safe of course. The only thing that would make this dress more perfect is if it had pockets, right?! Luckily, some of them do! This trend will make you feel so flirty and fun and will definitely add some color to your day.

Emma Martin

Wake Forest '23

I am a sophomore at Wake Forest University. I am a lover of all things art: painting, theater, crafts, and diy. I love my two dogs Cabbi and Biscuit. I am a traveler at heart; some of my favorite places I have been are Prague and Venice. I am an intended double major in English and Studio Art with a minor in Spanish. Fun fact: I was born in London, UK.
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