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The holidays are an excellent opportunity to help the environment by gifting items that come from environmentally conscious brands or organizations. Here are a few gift ideas that will help you do your part for the environment while also making someone’s day! 


Hair Care and Beauty:

Over the past few years, there has been a shift towards ‘clean beauty’ that promotes ethically and naturally sourced ingredients for beauty products. These products are not only good for you but also good for the environment. Recently, I came across the haircare brand Rahua. Not only are these hair products amazing, but the brand also participates in sustainability efforts. RMS Beauty, Tower 28, and lilah b. are a few beauty brands that sell clean makeup products with natural ingredients to help your skin. 


Donating to a person’s favorite charity is another great, thoughtful gift idea. The World Wildlife Fund allows you to symbolically adopt a species, or you could also donate to the cause. 

Shop Vintage:

Although environmentally friendly clothing brands do great work in sourcing materials ethically and sustainably, these items can be expensive at times. Another option when shopping for clothing, accessories, and homeware is shopping vintage! You are guaranteed to find unique pieces for anyone on your list. Also, sifting through the racks and shelves of a vintage shop requires time and energy, which makes your gift more meaningful. 


Since we are all spending more time at home this year, homeware is a great gift idea. A simple, yet useful gift, would be a reusable tumbler. I recommend the brand stojo for tumblers. A good reusable water bottle and metal/glass straws are another gift idea that the giftee will use daily. 

A Subscription: 

I personally love receiving subscriptions as gifts. You can gift someone a subscription to their favorite online magazine or application. Personally, I would love to receive a Babbel subscription. This is great for anyone trying to learn a new language or brush up on their skills. 

Kelsey Flores

Wake Forest '21

My name is Kelsey, and I am a senior at WFU. I'm from Charlotte, North Carolina. I'm majoring in Biology with minors in Writing and Bioethics, Humanities and Medicine. I love fashion, travel, and searching for the best coffee shops. My insta is @kelseysaraflores.
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