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5 Cheesy Netflix Dramas That Will Make You Feel All the Feels

Looking for a show that’s fun and easy to follow, but also packs a punch? Here’s a list of a few of my favorite coming-of-age Netflix shows (also known as my comfort shows)!

Julie and the Phantoms

Teenage drama, ghosts, and music all come together in this heartwarming TV show. Set in the City of Angels, Julie hasn’t been able to play the piano since her mother passed away. That is until she meets a band of ghosts who were hours away from making it big before they died in 1995. Together, they help each other grow and heal from the past. This show features a strong familial relationship, all kinds of romance, and a diverse cast of very talented dancers and musicians!

Never Have I Ever

Devi Vishwakumar enters into her sophomore year of high school wanting nothing more than to reinvent herself. While trying to up her social status, Devi struggles to deal with the loss of her father, her relationships with her mother and friends, and her Indian heritage. This coming-of-age story has everything from romance to cringe-worthy embarrassing high school moments, as well as mourning, loss, and the healing of a family.

On My Block

Set in the suburbs of Los Angeles, this show tells the story of a friendship tested by the trials of school, romance, and gangs. Monsé, Ruby, Jamal, and Cesar all have their personal and home issues, but still find a way to band together, protect one another, and fight for each other even in the midst of the biggest challenge of their lives: high school. Season one shows the crew hunting for a lost treasure in their neighborhood, leading them to deal with all kinds of people from the area.


Sam Gardner, an 18-year-old with autism, wants a girlfriend. More specifically, he’s crushing on his 26-year-old therapist. This show navigates the lives of Sam, his sister Casey, his parents Doug and Elsa, and his therapist Julia. This awe-inspiring, emotional, and motivational show contains characters who make mistakes, get back on their feet, and try, try again. Get ready for a great laugh, lots of tears, and all the cheesiness you want from a teen drama!

Control Z

This Mexican teen drama revolves around the observant Sofía, who takes on a school bully when they begin leaking students’ secrets around school and on the Internet. She faces conflicts in love, family, and quite literally in life as she races to unveil the hacker before they hurt too many people, or worse, reveal her secrets. Watch this show if you want some love triangle drama, and an almost “Gossip Girl”-ish style mystery!

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