48 Hours in Paris

Paris is easily one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in Europe. I was lucky enough to spend a wonderful weekend exploring different museums and eating some of the best food I have ever had. However, there is so much to do it can be hard to pick and choose what activities and sites to prioritize. Here are some touristy as well as under-the-radar things to do while in Paris.

The Louvre

One of the biggest collections of artwork in the world. From the Mona Lisa, to Venus de Milo, to the Raft of Medusa, you will be astounded by all of the amazing artwork and rich history.

Advice: The Louvre is huge and physically impossible to see every work so make a list of artists/works you want to see ahead of time to organize your day better.


This little hole-in-the wall restaurant is a 10 minute walk from the Louvre and has some of the best authentic French-American fusion food.

Advice: Try the fried chicken and lamb (pictured above).

Eiffel Tower

Obviously a must-see in Paris. Grab some friends and sit in the relaxing lawn, admiring one of the most photographed/iconic structures in the world!

Advice: Make sure to see the Eiffel Tower during the times when it sparkles at night.

Musee d’Orsay

Another famous museum home to the great impressionists, such as Monet, Van Gough, and Cassat, Musee d’Orsay sits in an old train station and has a breathtaking interior.

Advice: Study abroad students get in for free so no need to buy a ticket in advance.

Bike Tour

Paris is a huge city and very spread out. If you are only there for a short amount of time, I highly recommend taking a bike tour to see all the major attractions and to see more of the beautiful architecture and gardens through the city.  

Advice: Try Fat Tires Bike Tour. They teach you a little history to every place you stop and see.

Jardin du Palais-Royal

A cute little garden situated in the city center, this is a great place to take fun pictures by the striped columns and perfectly trimmed trees.

Advice: Look out for local artists painting or sketching the scene around you.


Photos courtesy of Haley Callicott