4 Great Dinner Date Spots To Try in Winston-Salem

I may not be a local of Winston-Salem but I’m still a foodie who loves exploring the many dining options in every city I visit! Luckily, my significant other (SO) is a local who knows his way around the city. Together, we’ve had dates at several different restaurants in the past few years but there are four specific places that we have been revisiting again and again. Here are 4 dinner date locations in Winston-Salem you and your significant other should try out:


Firebirds Wood Fired Grill is located off of Hanes Mall Blvd near Target and Hobby Lobby. The American restaurant serves amazing cuts of steak along with excellent seafood choices. One of my favorite dishes is the Chile rubbed Delmonico steak which is full of rich flavor and goes great with a side of creamy mash potatoes. I love to order my steak with their freshly squeezed lemonade


This Asian fusion restaurant is my significant other’s favorite date spot. Located off of Hanes Mall Blvd, HakkaChow offers a large variety of entrees with Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean influences. The ambience is modern but not too upscale so is a great place for a casual date night. One of our favorite dishes at HakkaChow is their chicken fried rice. It’s a large portion that is both filling and flavorful!

Cowboy Brazilian Steakhouse.

Cowboy Brazilian Steakhouse, located in downtown, is not your typical eatery. The steakhouse offers buffet-style dining where you can have access to a 30 item salad bar in addition the hot bar. 16 different cuts of meat such as pork, lamb and steak are brought around to each table where you can select which you would like to try. The best part of the buffet is that it’s all you can eat! It’s a fun experience to try the different types of meat they offer with my favorite being their lamb. Vegetarians also have great options at the buffet such as their Caesar salad or sautéed mushrooms.

Rooster’s- A Noble Grill.

Perhaps the date location my SO and I have gone to the most often, Rooster’s is an upscale restaurant with a large variety of appetizers and entrees to choose from. Rooster’s is located off Knollwood street about ten minutes from Wake Forest’s campus. We’ve returned to Rooster’s several times for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries because the romantic ambience, excellent service and savory foods. A few of our favorites are the hanger steak, the salmon and the shrimp and grits but we have yet to be disappointed with anything on their menu. Every item has unique and rich flavors you cannot find anywhere else in Winston-Salem.