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29 Things Northerners Need to Know Before Coming to Wake

1. It’s not Appa-la-tion but Appa-latch-en Mountains. While it’s not important to develop a southern accent, it is important to say their prized landmarks correctly. Plus, the mountains in the south are pretty cool.  


2. Lilly Pulitzer dresses. Everywhere. If you don’t think you’re southern enough yet for those, then learn to appreciate the bright colors and unique prints … or get a pair of Ray-Bans that will help tone down the pastels. 


3. Bean Boots: the perfect amount of protection from the light southern snow.

*Image from glitterinc.com


4. Boys do wear bow ties on the reg.


5. Croakies: They’re great to help keep you from losing your sunglasses.

*Image from quickmeme.com


6. Investing in a pair of cowboy boots is definitely “the move.”

*Image from canigeturnumber.files.wordpress.com


7. Monograms are everywhere (Benson Center even has a monogramming store…)

*Image from static.parastorage.com


8. Small collections of mason jars will suddenly find themselves into your dorm room without you even realizing it. 


9. Oversized t-shirts are the go-to comfy outfit.

*Image from blogspot.com


10. So are flannels.

*Image from blogspot.com


11. Drivers will go the speed limit and never above.

*Image from wanderlyn.com


12. Life moves slower.


13. You will start to involuntarily say “y’all” instead of “you guys,” and your friends from back home will definitely make fun of you for it.


14. Cheerwine does not have alcohol in it.

*Image from grubgrade.com


15. One inch of snow = snow day.

*Image from magazine.wfu.edu


16. Forecast of snow = late start or early dismissal.


17. Snow on the ground = college-level humor snowmen. #Frat #Mandown

*Photo by Tori Boyle


18. Basically, the school and everywhere in Winston-Salem shuts down for snow.


19. Carolina Cup gives the perfect excuse to wear a floppy hat.

*Image from buzzfeed.com


20. Frat-agonias (Frat + Patagonias = Frat-agonias) are a must to stay cozy for cool temperatures… No matter how much they look like your dad’s hand-me-down sweaters from the ‘80s.  

*Images from cloudcluster.io and thehunt.com


21. Boys wear boat shoes/Sperry’s even though we are at least a 4 hour drive from the ocean.

*Image from goldenwhitedecor.com


22. Krispy Kreme was invented in Winston-Salem (you’re welcome).

*Images from ajc.com and restaurantnews.com


23. “Ma’am” or “Sir” is how you show respect for your elders (and yes, you’ll actually hear some of your peers address their professors this way).


24. If you order iced tea, the waiter will assume you want sweet tea.

*Image from mollysims.com


25.  The weirdest things are fried: Oreos, Reeses, candy bars, butter…

*Image from createdby-diane.com


26. People still wave their Confederate flags.

*Image from tumblr.com


27. Chacos are the new socks-and-sandals combination.

*Image from wolverineworldwide.com


28. Country music is the perfect soundtrack for any and every occasion.

*Image from tumblr.com


29. The south is truly an amazing place to live.

*Image from sbes.vt.edu



*Cover image from tumblr.com

*Gifs from giphy.com

Hailing from Chicago, this Midwesterner turned Southern Belle is the Editor-in-Chief of Wake Forest University's chapter. When she isn't journaling for fun in her free time, she is obsessed with running around campus in giant sunglasses, wearing gold glitter eyeliner, and munching on trail mix. She's still struggling on saying "y'all" and not "guys" and has yet to try Cookout's legendary milkshakes. Follow her on twitter @Hmonyek!
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