2019 Spring Trends: Bringing Bright Back

In past seasons, it seems like monochrome looks of black and white have reigned fashionable, but these past few trend cycles bright has been right. From colored pants, to neon fanny packs, it appears that it is more “in” to stand out. Loud pieces channeling the early 2000s have come back, but there arises a challenge of refraining from looking like you’re dressed for Mardi Gras on a daily basis. Here is your guide to items you can incorporate into you’re possibly plain wardrobe.

Wild Pants

Patterned or flared pants are perfect for when you want something to spice up a basic shirt or when you just feel like channeling Mamma Mia. These might not be best for class but suitable for a brunch, day out, or party in the afternoon. Wear a toned down shoe, like a neutral sandal or a white sneaker to firstly let the pants stand out, but most of all prevent you from tripping over all that flair.

Hued Heel

If Lizzie McGuire taught me one thing, it’s that a platform sandal is always appropriate. These started to make their way back into fashion last year, being the best substitute for a heel or wedge. Now, a pastel or neon version make white or light wash jeans less boring or give you something to look at with a plain t-shirt dress. If you aren’t ready to take on the Hilary Duff look of a sandal, platform sneakers are everywhere and can serve as your elevated training wheels.

Bright Bling

Although I’ve admitted in the past that the big earring trend makes people look like Kuzco from the “Emperor’s New Groove”, but it’s still fun to relish in the phenomenon while it lasts. If you’re too scared to splash some color into your clothes, jewelry can be a great introduction to standing out more.